The Top 14 Ways to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment transcends religion. It transcends thought. It transcends mind and its senses.

We are currently in the midst of a Great Awakening, as more and more people are achieving Enlightenment. This shift in Collective Consciousness has been documented in prophecies for millennia, and has created an opportunity for vast numbers of people to reach their Highest Potential. Spiritual Enlightenment transcends rational thought, connecting us to the Sacred Life Force and illuminating the Divinity Within. In this Heightened State of Consciousness, it is possible to see beyond the illusionary world of the senses, and to experience a profound sense of Oneness.

There are as many paths to Enlightenment as there are colors in the rainbow, and just as each color can be mixed in a myriad of imaginative ways, so the Journey to Liberation takes on infinite variations. I have personally experienced the Bliss of an Awakening many years ago, and if you would like to learn more about my enlightenment experience can watch the video or read the transcript as you wish. Awakening is a personal journey, but essentially the magic happens whenever you transcend the conscious thought of the ego-mind.

Feel free to experiment with any of these techniques below that resonates for you, and with practice you will find the veils of illusion lifted, as you Awaken to the True Spiritual Reality.

Spontaneous Enlightenment

Spontaneous Enlightenment is the rare occurrence where a person achieves Spiritual Awakening without even actively seeking it. Although it is technically possible to reach Higher Consciousness this way, it is not wise to rely on reaching Liberation by chance. Enlightenment is essentially the climax of the human existence, which is why it is worth pursuing and investing all of your energy into. When you Awaken, it is as though you have stepped into a psychedelic dream, a place beyond your wildest imaginings where anything is possible. Enlightenment is the entire purpose of our existence, and at times like these it is more important than ever to prioritize the Spiritual Path. We have entered the Age of Awakening, and we are in the early stages of Healing Collective Karma and Consciousness in a way that will ultimately lead to Heaven on Earth. So let’s get started with the best techniques that will help you to reach Enlightenment and shine your Divine Light into the world!


The magical thing about meditation, is that it has been scientifically proven to offer multiple holistic health benefits along the journey to enlightenment. In other words, the benefits of only a few minutes of meditation a day, has healing benefits for the body, mind and soul. On top of all the improvements you will experience in physical and mental health, meditation is one of the most effective methods for reaching Enlightenment. With so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that catapults you straight into a Heightened State of Consciousness.

There are many misconceptions about meditation, but the most common myth is that you have to be seated in the lotus position, as in the Buddhist sitting meditation, when in reality most of the techniques listed in this article are a form of meditation (or mindfulness). There are even specific meditations such as walking meditations that involve movement, and typically this movement helps to still the mind and promote a deep sense of tranquility. Generally these movement-meditations (which include yoga, dancing and martial arts) are paired with breath work techniques designed for Awakening.

We will explore this in more depth below, but the important thing to realize is that you can even meditate whilst washing the dishes or cleaning your home! Meditation is in the mind and you meditate at any time and in any place, meaning that Enlightenment is that much more within reach. As a beginner, the easiest meditation to start with would be a guided meditation which you can find in abundance online. Guided meditations are a great way to learn the basics of mindfulness, and how to still the mind so as to reach the Bliss Point where Enlightenment is achieved.

While guided meditations are fairly contemporary, the most traditional form of meditation dates back thousands of years to the ancient East. Vedanta (various schools of Hinduism) is in fact the oldest religion in the world, and Buddhism is rooted deeply in it. These days, “Vipassana” (or mindfulness meditation) is the most popular form of meditation in the West and it involves observation of thought without judgment. By allowing thoughts to pass through the mind like clouds, this form of meditation teaches non-attachment to the ego-self, lifting the illusions of identity so as to Awaken to Oneness.

One of my favorite forms of meditations, and one that is particularly healing, is Reiki meditation. Reiki meditation is designed to promote the flow of Life Force energy through each of the Chakras for optimal well-being. The Chakras are spinning energy wheels located along the spinal cord, and they are central to the health of the body, mind and Soul. When the Chakras become blocked with emotions or memories, it causes an imbalance in a person’s energy field or aura. Reiki meditation can correct this imbalance and realign the Chakras which evokes Enlightenment.


Psychedelics have earned a controversial reputation, but the honest truth is that these substances can induce spiritual enlightenment. There are many theories as to why drugs have been demonized and banned, and some have even suggested that whoever runs the world wants to keep us from embracing our full Divine Potential. When a person reaches a Higher State of Consciousness, the True Reality is revealed and the spell of mass brainwashing is broken. Psychedelics and substances have been used for millennia to enter the Spirit Realm, and I strongly recommend using them regularly.

All substances open the doorway to the spiritual realm, but the key is to honor each one with respect and self restraint. As the saying goes, “The only difference between medicine and poison, is the dosage and the intention.” This is important to keep in mind when using substances for Enlightenment (particularly if they are of a chemical nature.) While it is indeed possible to achieve Awakening with MDMA, LSD and even street drugs, concoctions such as heroin and crack come with a heavy price tag and serious karmic debt.

For this reason, it’s best to stick to plant medicines such as DMT, Ayahuasca, Mescaline, edible Marijuana and Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms). These days it has become a popular practice to “micro-dose” on any one of these natural psychedelics, in order to maintain a Higher State of Consciousness without any effort. However, I personally believe that Enlightenment is best achieved in higher doses, after which a person could micro-dose if they wish. Ideally, it’s best to begin a journey into psychedelics under the guidance of a Spiritual Healer, but try to get a recommendation so that you know they are the real deal.

Partaking in a psychedelic ritual can be a life-changing experience – offering immediate Enlightenment, Higher Understanding and contact with likeminded Seekers. When a person Awakens it is a permanent shift in perspective that serves to open doors of opportunities seemingly out of nowhere! When the illusions of the sensory world are lifted, the mind becomes free from limited thoughts and doubts. Instead, the Highest Potential is revealed, and the pathway towards your personal Sacred Destiny is illuminated.


Chanting is a practice as ancient as meditation, and can be used to achieve a heightened state of consciousness. You may have heard Gregorian or Buddhist chanting, which can take the form of melodic speaking or singing. Chanting can be used as part of a group or personal spiritual practice, acting as a focal point that transcends thoughts of lower consciousness and Aligns us with the Source. Chants take many forms and can be simple or complex in language or rhythm. Chanting is similar to transcendental meditation (TM) in that it uses repetitive set of words to still the mind. However, in transcendental meditation, the practitioner sometimes repeats a mantra silently as opposed to chanting out loud.

In both practices repeated words or phrases are used as a portal to the Spiritual Realm, creating a space in the mind free of all thought. This space is the doorway to Enlightenment, for when the mind is liberated from conscious thought, a higher level of consciousness is possible. Enlightenment happens when conscious thought is transcended by  entering a state of mind-less-ness, where the spirit connects with the primordial sacred energy. Awakening is a connection to the Divine, a heightened understanding that illuminates our oneness and reveals the Web of Consciousness. Enlightenment is linked to extra-sensory experiences such as synchronicity, telepathy, psychic awareness and more.

Contemplative Prayer

In ancient times prayer was used as a means to communicate with the Divine, not in the sense of asking for help, but as an intimate two-way conversation. By listening to the whispers of the Soul, or Higher Self, we can follow the Sacred Guidance that paves the way to Enlightenment. Contemplative Prayer involves authentic introspection in order to see the Spiritual Signs. So often, these signs emerge and the ego creates doubt that leads us astray. When we are truly connected to the Source through contemplative prayer, we can transcend the doubts and illusions to reveal otherworldly insights.

These intuitions are the True Reality and should never be ignored. Once a person has Awakened, the ego no longer clouds the Truth and Miracles begin to happen regularly. There are many different styles of prayer that can be used to achieve Liberation of the mind, and counting prayer beads is one of the most effective. In a similar way to chanting and transcendental meditation, when we completely focus our minds on one thing, we can easily enter a Heightened State of Consciousness. It could be a candle, counting beads, or repeating a phrase, but the way to Enlightenment is through quieting the ego-mind.


Yoga is another ancient technique for achieving Enlightenment, and has been emphasized by spiritual gurus for over 5000 years. Alongside meditation, yoga is seen as an essential practice that opens the doorway to Higher Consciousness. Yoga teaches us to concentrate on the breath or “Prana” – which is the Sacred Life Force Energy and portal to Enlightenment. Traditionally rooted in the Vedanta philosophies, yoga has gained widespread popularity around the globe and is now common in both the East and West.

Like meditation, there are multiple variations of yoga, and the practice has been embraced by numerous faiths. Yoga was created as a vehicle to Enlightenment, and it is so sacred that it is often referred to as “union with the Divine.” In the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjal, the practice is defined as “stilling the changing states of the mind,” and it works by directing focus onto the physical state of Being. The body is an extremely important aspect of Enlightenment, and through challenging the body we can achieve a Higher State of Consciousness. Click here to learn more about the History of Yoga.

Martial Arts

Both yoga and martial arts offer a means to still the mind through the practice of mental discipline. When we engage the body in strenuous activities, chemicals are released into the bloodstream that act as a catalyst for Spiritual Enlightenment. Martial arts are a powerful combination of meditation and movement that train the mind to transcend the realm of the senses. Physical distress is a known precursor to Enlightenment, as it is through suffering of any nature that the portal to Higher Reality is opened.

Not only does the act of absolute focus on physical sensations serve to still the mind, but additionally the art of repetition holds a certain alchemical magic. There are numerous forms of martial arts that are equally effective in the Awakening process. Whether you choose to practice Karate, Jiu Jitsu or Tae Kwon Do, these physical arts can pave the way to deep tranquility and a Heightened State of Consciousness. Qigong, Tai Chi and Budo in particular are known for their combination of meditative techniques as well.


The mind-body connection is mentioned throughout the Vedas, and the influence of ancient Hinduism found its way into Buddhism as well. When it comes to Eastern Spirituality and traditions, it has long been known that the mind, body and Soul are connected. The body and the mind are the Spiritual Tests that we must overcome to reach Enlightenment. When we push our bodies to the point of exhaustion, the mind becomes still and we Awaken to the Bliss State. Whether we reach this Heightened Consciousness through the burn of muscular or cardiovascular activity, the result is Enlightenment.

The key is to really challenge the body, and dancing to excess is one of my favorite ways to achieve Enlightenment. Dancing rituals have been practiced since the beginning of all time, and are even painted on the walls of caves by our earliest ancestors. When we dance to the point where our thoughts cease to invade the mind, we can achieve a trance-like state and experience otherworldly phenomenon. The Quaker and Shaker religions are famous for their association with movement and connection to the Divine, with each faith focused on allowing the bodies to be “taken by the Spirit.”


What better way to push beyond the conscious mind than to embark on an ambitious pilgrimage? For thousands of years, various faiths have undertaken long and arduous journeys in order to reach Enlightenment. The combination of physical difficulty and prolonged periods of introspection (or contemplative prayer) are well known as a catalyst for Enlightenment. Whether you choose to journey as a group or an individual, the path to Enlightenment is a personal one that you will experience in your own Soul.

Pilgrimages are unique as a physical means for Awakening, as they are particularly effective in shedding layers of the ego. When a person journeys far from their home environment, delving into the unknown, it acts as a catalyst for Higher Perspective. When we leave behind familiarity of family, friends and homes, it serves to expose false beliefs and remove any illusions of the self. This illuminates the Soul, and is a powerfully healing experience which I would recommend for long lasting Enlightenment. The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, is an incredible story of a Spiritual Journey across the desert that I would highly recommend to all Seekers of the Truth.

Sensory Deprivation

With the exception of psychedelics (which we will cover in detail below) Enlightenment is generally achieved through denying physical comfort. There are many techniques that fall into this category, but Sensory Deprivation Tanks are my personal favorite. A Sensory Deprivation Tank is a capsule filled with salt water, which you can float around in, completely in the dark. The combination of silence and darkness can evoke hallucinations and a Higher State of Consciousness. It is easy to clear the mind and enter into a meditative state without the distractions of the eyes and ears.

This allows for deep introspection, and connection to the Divinity Within. These tanks have gained much popularity in recent years, and from my personal experience I would say that the investment is well worth it. It’s best to invest in a package of 5- 10 sessions, so that you can go deeper within your Consciousness each time. When the five senses are deprived in this way, it naturally leads to extra-sensory experiences that are a major sign of Enlightenment. Other techniques for sensory deprivation involve sleep deprivation and fasting, which also cause Awakening and psychedelic experiences.


Fasting is a form of sensory deprivation famous for sparking Enlightenment. Since the beginning of recorded history, religions from the East to the West have mentioned fasting in Sacred Texts as a means for communing with the Divine. Both Jesus and the Buddha are known to have fasted for prolonged periods of time, and almost every faith incorporates fasting as part of religious rituals and ceremonies. In addition to Christianity and Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism all partake in fasting in order to align with the Universe. Millions of people have testified to Spiritual Breakthroughs during fasts, and there are numerous health benefits to the practice as well.

Fasting triggers an Awakening because it causes physical suffering, and strips away distractions that present as the ego. This leads to intimate conversations with Spirit, and otherworldly insights that lead to extrasensory experiences. When we make sacrifices of a physical nature, it is a powerful Spiritual ritual that calls on Divinity and purifies the body and mind so that the Soul can shine through. When we go without food, we turn instead to the God for sustenance and support. Fasting opens the doorway to Higher Understanding, and as a result it is the perfect time to dedicate to Spiritual Scriptures and Learning. It also naturally causes contemplation, which is why it triggers an Awakening.

Sweat Lodges

In a similar fashion to fasting and physical exercise, sweat lodges invite an Awakening through discomfort of the body. I know many people who swear by sweat lodges, and have spoken of some seriously supernatural experiences as a result of the practice. It is important to thoroughly research sweat lodges before diving headfirst into the experience, as there have been fatalities associated with facilities that did not meet the safety standards necessary. For this reason, it is best to stick to a reputable sweat lodge, as serious dehydration can occur.

When properly coordinated, this Native American technique can serve as a potent tool for Spiritual Awakening. The heat of the saunas causes the mind to enter into an Altered State, transcending the ego and connecting the Spirit with the Sacred Life Force. Physical distress will result in an Enlightening experience, provided the intention behind the sensation is completely pure. If you would like to try a sweat lodge in the future, make sure that the retreat guides have followed the outlines of Lakota Nation or other experienced Native American groups.

Near Death Experience (NDE)

Obviously, it’s never a good idea to invoke a near death experience intentionally. Please do not attempt such a risky means to achieve Enlightenment when there are so many other excellent options! However, it has been scientifically documented that it is common for a person to enter a Heightened State of Consciousness when they go through an NDE. This fascinating and mystical phenomenon has been widely researched and written about, and it makes sense that this would occur from a Spiritual perspective of the afterlife. For now though, it’s probably better to focus on achieving enlightenment through an ego-death while preserving the Life Force and body!

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