Psychonauts Guide to Energy Work: 11 Ways You Can Tap into Your Natural Healing Abilities

How to tap into the healing powers of the natural world.

I can’t believe that in 2-years writing at Sociedelic I haven’t wrote about Energy Work yet, but I guess I wasn’t ready… or maybe selfishly holding back out of fear because some of what you will find in today’s article may come across “hippie dippy”. The truth is while what I am going to share is a bit occultist and “woohoo”, it’s also REAL – this stuff really works. Like Terence McKenna said, you don’t have to pussy foot around the real thing… So, just take what resonates, experiment, and release anything not working for you so you can optimize on what does work for you specifically.

It’s become mainstream knowledge that everything is energy, what’s more is that the human body consists of five layers of energy. The first layer is the physical body, but there are four other energy fields surrounding that referred to collectively as a person’s aura. Together, these five energy bodies, comprise the human energy field.

These layers are where our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional data is stored. Energy medicine practitioners believe that it’s not enough to treat the physical body when people are ill. They can also sense an illness come on before it manifests in the body providing you time and tools to prevent the onset.

It takes someone with clairvoyant ability to see the layers of your energy bodies but psychedelics like MDMA & Psilocybin can help as they open up your third-eye to visualization. The first time I saw someone aura I was working with MDMA. Energy workers train in not only sensing the energy but helping their clients move negative energy out. People with these special abilities, help their clients tap into their natural healing abilities. The Five energy bodies include: Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. According to ancient Eastern wisdom, these are layers of our being, sometimes known as Koshas.

All yoga traditions talk about energy pathways, some call them chakras, others meridians, nadis, or channels. These pathways are an intricate system within each of us where our energy, life force, prana or chi moves. It is said that 72000 Nadis and 114 Chakras are moving energy through our system. Energy, like water, should be moving to keep it fresh. When water is stagnant to long it grows bacteria, stiffens things up, and in the body can cause many more ills too.

There are seven major chakras, each in a specific location along your spine. I have linked the first four “elemental” chakras because I have written on them before but simply put the seven major chakras are; Root Chakra (Muladhara), Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana), Solar plexus Chakra (Manipura), Heart Chakra (Anahata), Throat Chakra (Vishuddha), Third eye Chakra (Ajna), and Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) linked to transcendence.

If a chakra is low in energy, you’ll have difficulty expressing the particular qualities associated with that chakra. If a chakra is overactive, the qualities are a dominant force in the person’s life. This can affect all of your energy bodies. In general, the location of the chakra that’s out of balance may affect all parts of your being. This may include your organs, bones, joints, and tissues near that area. Or increase your risk for emotional imbalance such as increased anger, sadness, fear, or indecisiveness.

You can cultivate / loose your life force energy by the way you choose to live your life. Your posture, plate, habits, mindset, activities, tribe, and attitude will allow you the opportunity to live your Highest Potential as human or lead to an imbalance. Prolonged imbalance may lead to physical disease and mental health challenges like addiction, depression or anxiety.

Yoga postures are great for releasing stagnant energy, breathing encourages the flow of energy, and meditation brings clarity of mind. Intention, spelling, witchcraft, and psychedelics all enhance your natural psychic abilities. If you’re not sure where to start or just want to know more about how you can positively charge your energy, consider working with a professional in your area or online.

Energy work has only recently become mainstream, with the growth in popularity of yoga and New Age philosophies in general. Chakras in particular are a complex and ancient energy system that originated in India. They were first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient sacred texts of spiritual knowledge dating from 1500 to 1000 BC. This is a deep rabbit hole to go down but worth it if you ask me.

Chakras play a key role in Tibetan Buddhism, and pivotal in Tantric teachings. Without Tantra there would be no Chakras, but more importantly, without Chakras, there is no Tibetan Buddhism. Chakras store the energy of thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences, and actions. They influence and direct our present and future mindset, behavior, emotional health, and actions.

These swirling wheels of energy correspond to massive nerve centers in the body. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Since everything is moving, it’s essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy flows are restricted. Since mind, body, soul, and spirit are intimately connected, awareness of an imbalance in one area through chakra meditation will help bring the others back into balance.

Each chakra holds the beliefs, emotions, and memories related to specific areas of our life. The lower chakras are related to Earthly matters such as survival, sex, and power. The top three chakras are related to higher consciousness, truth, intuition, purpose, wisdom, and your connection to the divine. Connecting them is the heart chakra, which bridges the two worlds with empathy, love, forgiveness and compassion.

The chakra system offers a map that helps us see the correlation between anatomy, mindset, emotions, and energy. It integrates the mind and body connection, in an accessible and practical way. Energy work reminds us of what our holistic beings need in order to be healthy and happy. The chakra anatomy reminds us of our infinite potential and guides to get happier & healthier naturally.

Our ability to heal is as natural as our ability to breathe, and through energy work you bring healing and balance back into your awareness. Here Are 11 Ways You Can Tap into Your Natural Healing Abilities:

  1. Crystals / Gem Stones: These minerals, carry different energetic properties, or vibrations from the earth. Depending on what your body might need, different crystals can work in tune with the vibrations in your body. Try a crystal grid, or charging your crystals with sun / moon light.
  2. Smudge: Burning herbs helps rid negative energy and gives you a fresh start. Some like sage & cedar cleanse the aura. Shamans use palo santo, which means “stick of the saints.” Make sure that when you smudge there is a window open so the negativity you are cleansing has an exit
  3. Acupuncture / Cupping / Tapping (EFT): This is when pressure is strategically placed where there are pockets of energy to help balance the energy systems of the body. Sometimes crystals are used to help stimulate the flow of energy. Touching various acupressure points on the body in a specific pattern in order to ease stress, anxiety, depression and possibly even chronic pain.
  4. Qigong / Yoga / Tai Chi: Ancient energy work integrates movement, mantra, and breathwork to move life force and balance the mind and body. My personal favorite is kundalini yoga, which has changed my life.
  5. Self-Care: Take the time to tap into your body’s own frequencies to promote well-being. What’s makes you feel good? Microdosing, journaling, heling others, affirmations, baths with Epson salts, essential oils, DIY spa days, dancing like no one is watching… Do more of that!
  6. Pranayama / Breathwork: Like an active meditation, you change your breathing pattern to boost mental, physical and spiritual health. Dr. Andrew Weil teaches the 4:7:8 breath to neutralize the nervous system, and the ice man Wim Hoff is shares lots of awesome breathwork exercises too. 
  7. Herbal Infusions / Essential Oils: Anything made from mama nature will harness her good vibes & intelligence to promote well-being. Try growing your own medicine, making your own alternatives, and infuse your creations with sun / moon energy.
  8. Reiki: Treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Reiki promotes healing, increases relaxation, and reduces stress. Reiki has no dogma, and there’s nothing you must believe to learn and use Reiki. Reiki is guided by consciousness. As such, it can never do harm. The recipient of Reiki must simply be willing to receive it. Reiki is recognized and used by professionals in hospitals today.
  9. Touch / Hugs / Massage: We are all touch deprived, even if you are in a loving relationship, you may not be touched in all the ways you need. Touch is a fundamental human need and when we are unable to touch each other in person its important to consider other ways we can touch the heart.
  10. Proper Nutrition / Ayurveda Teachings: Infuse your food and water with intention. Each coloured food can be matched to each chakra and provide every cell in your body unique and essential nutrients.
  11. Psychedelics: Psychoactive substances can induce flow states cause brain waves to shift toward alpha oscillations. Additionally, sustaining higher levels of serotonin. Psychedelics create an opportunity for our brains to make unique connections between areas that don’t usually communicate allowing you the opportunity to heal all parts of your being.

At some point in our lives, most of us have likely experienced some kind of energy work or awakening of where your mental state is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, presence, involvement, and enjoyment in the process of an activity. This can be the surfer effortlessly riding a big wave, the coach gracefully guiding their group, or the yogi who whole-heartedly moves through their practice. Simply put, quality energy flow is one of the great experiences of being human.

Blockages are an indicator of illness. Problems always show up in the energetic field first. Let’s say you are feeling lazy and crazy but have tons you plan to do today; energy work allows us to step back and access our chakras so that we can adjust and learn from the experience so that we can live a happy and healthy life.

If your passionate about; self-healing with natural alternatives like energy work and psychedelics, then let’s connect. You can message me [email protected] and begin your Elemental Growth journey today.

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