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Take a peek inside this magical 1969 hippie tree house village in Hawaii

Taylor Camp – 1969 Hippie tree house village in Hawaii NSFW

Taylor Camp, says Hawaii-based photographer John Wehrheim, was not a commune, and there were no rules. Set at the edge of the road along the beach...

The Crystal Cave – Iceland’s glacial lagoon

Iceland's Crystal Cave Is A Scene Of Pure Magic Beneath the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier in Iceland’s Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, there is an enormous natural cavern of...
Uncontacted tribes

Mindblowing Photographs Of The Last Surviving Tribes On Earth

Photographer Jimmy Nelson spent the past three years exploring the most remote places on Earth to capture mindblowing photographs of the last surviving tribes...
Lake Văcărești

Bucharest Nature Park- One of Europe’s Largest Nature Park

Bucharest Nature Park, there are rarely ever more than a handful of people present when you visit Văcărești, Bucharest’s wild wetland just a 30-minute...

16 reasons why your next city break should be Bucharest

Euro 2016 kicks off with a head-to-head between hosts France and Romania. The latter’s capital, Bucharest, may not be quite as well established on...

Full Moon In Sagittarius: Considering Our Beliefs And Limitations

We are having a Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 21st/22nd with the Sun in the opposite sign of Gemini. Full Moons represent a...

Germany generated so much renewable energy last weekend electric prices went negative

For any critics who say a country can’t receive 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources,Germany offers a rebuttal. The country has made...

The 9 Personalities Which Are Changing The World

Nine distinct personality types make humanity very special, not only in their interactions with each other, but within themselves. Synchronicity ties them all together...

7 Reasons We Loved Romania

If you have followed our trip through Romania, it wouldn’t surprise you to learn that we absolutely loved our time there. A little off...
Dragonblood Trees, Yemen

11 of the Most Magnificent Trees on the Planet

The planet Earth serves as home to an immense variety of life. This celestial refuge has given nature the opportunity to explore many different...
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Recent News

420 Meaning: Story Of How April 20 Became ‘National Weed Day’

NATIONAL WEED DAY is an unofficial celebration dedicated to cannabis that is marked in various locations around the world every year, 420 meaning both...
Goni Montes

The Psychedelic Miracle