Guide on the Best Stones for Healing: Types and Characteristics

Are you interested in learning more about the best stones for healing? Read our guide. We go over different types and healing properties of each.

Crystals and stones are famously known for their beauty. While healing crystals are a new trend, using crystals for meditative and spiritual purposes dates back thousands of years.

Many regard healing crystals as natural healing powers. You can meditate with them, hold them in your hand or wear them as jewelry, and display them in your home.

However, there are many different stones and each offer different benefits. While most gravitate toward one particular stone, it’s recommended you know the most powerful stones and their healing properties.

Different types of healing crystals

Here are the essential stones for healing, their characteristics, and how they heal.


Fluorite is a common stone found all over the world. It comes in a variety of different colors. It’s one of the most powerful healing stones because it’s a protector stone. It can ward off negative energy, specifically from other people.

You should meditate with fluorite to regularly protect yourself from negative energy. You can also wear it as jewelry.

Rose Quartz

This beautiful pink stone is known as the love stone. That’s because it opens you to all forms of love. While this love includes romantic and sexual love, it also welcomes friend and family love and even love on a spiritual level.

Rose quartz is also a healing stone. It specifically helps heal a broken heart and helps you recover from a break-up. It’s recommended you wear rose quartz to attract love as well as heal.


Hematite is a silver-gray stone with a metallic appearance and is commonly found in soil.

That’s why it has a grounding property. Hematite helps keep you grounded in high-stress situations, such as a job interview. Keep hematite in your pocket for these occasions.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is one of the most recognizable stones. Its unique deep-blue shade has been prized for over 6,000 years. It’s commonly worn in fashion jewelry; however, it has powerful healing properties.

Lapis lazuli can help clear confusion and emotional blockages. It also links the material and celestial worlds, making this stone and its healing powers more mysterious.


Amethyst helps heal wearers on a physical and spiritual level. Meditating with amethyst helps calm the mind and soothes negative emotions. Physically, amethyst can strengthen the immune system and balance hormones.


Diamonds are renowned for their exquisite properties and are commonly worn in engagement and wedding rings. But diamonds are also powerful healing stones.

Diamonds are fearless. They help clear fear and any mental pain that can hold you back.

Diamonds also welcome new beginnings, which is why they’re popular stones for engagement rings. Diamonds are famous for their clarity, which helps stimulate creativity and inventiveness.

Use These Stones for Healing

Stones for healing are becoming more popular.

If you’re not sure which stones boast healing powers, start wearing or meditating with these stones. These stones have the power to clear negative energy, calm the mind, and even link you to the celestial world.

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