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Do you have a story you think would do well on Are you a science or drug writer that wants to submit an article?  We believe that the internet was designed for the dissemination of information and should be used to it’s fullest potential.

Our goals are to help you and to help our readers. If you are pursuing research in the field of psychedelics and would like to be on the show, please feel free to reach out and let us know what you are up to!

Thank you very much for being you – for providing the world more hope – and for contributing to the growth in knowledge and consciousness of our readers and all other involved parties.

Submission Guidelines

Articles may focus on any topic that has direct bearing upon or relevance to the mission of Sociedelic (our topics: psychedelic and healing plants, art, wisdom, universe, festivals, science, music).

Articles can be submitted as Word (DOC or DOCX) or rich text format (RTF) files only.

  • Keywords – 3-4 keywords relevant to the topic
  • 1-2 page articles should be between 800-1500 words; longer articles should not ordinarily exceed 4,500 words.
  • Subheads: If your article is longer than 800 words, consider adding subheads to break up the text and make your article easier to read.
  • Write in active voice. This is preferred over passive voice.
  • Run a Spelling/Grammar Check before submitting article.
  • Make sure that the topic is relevant to a topic that we regularly publish.
  • You have to submit an exclusive to Sociedelic, i.e. you can’t publish it elsewhere. If your article (or a version of your article) has already been published on another site, please let us know. Generally, we publish original articles, but we will consider reprinting articles or running a revised version. In any case, we’ll want to know up front whether your submission has or will also appear elsewhere.
  • All articles should be in English. 

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Articles can be submitted as Word (DOC or DOCX) or rich text format (RTF) files only.
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