We invite you for the 6th edition of Waha Festival to get together and celebrate Life, creating our own groovy dimension where we can play and explore freely the simple Joy of Being.

Like last year, there will be 6 stages with diverse music for any state you might be in. We got techno, psychedelic, deep house, jazz, ambient, live bands, cumbia, psychill and many other subgenres only the djs know.WAHA FESTIVAL – Always in Love (20 July – 24 July 2017)
http://wahafestival.ro/ (full information available)
Waha Festival on Facebook: Event Official Page

The Psy Stage is dedicated to a more intense experience where the dancers are taken over by all different subgenres of psytrance, from progressive to darkpsy and hitech, assuring there’s a safe trip for everybody to hop in. International legends as well as local djs will drive this stage to the end of the Universe and back until monday night.

Tickets available across the Bilete.ro network.

Get your ticket now!
60 EUR till July 1st
80 EUR at the gate

waha lineup

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