Mind & Spirit

The Most Spiritual Place On Earth with The Strongest Energy Field

Such type of places could give you answers to long asked questions and make you feel the truth of reality on a more spiritual...

My First Psychedelic Experience at Johns Hopkins Changed My Life

By Mark HuslageIt's been more than six years since I participated in the Johns Hopkins Spirituality study, but it continues as the most life-changing...

The Matrix – Exploring the Deep Web Hidden Wiki

If you have ever been on the Deep Web, you already know it's a crazy place. It's notorious for it's illegal activity, Black Hat...

Plants & Drugs

Top Ayahuasca Animations on The Internet

Written By Alex Gearin (PhD, Anthropology). When a Cambridge University researcher took a famous ayahuasca shaman to his first cinema experience, the Yaminahua shaman José Choro concluded that the cinema...

Legalise the supply and possession of psilocybin (magic mushrooms)

To Sarah Newton MP, minister for drugs:We call on you to legalise the supply and possession of psilocybin ('magic') mushrooms.Psilocybin-containing mushrooms have thousands of...


Photographer Captures The Soul Of The Forest With Stunning Animal Portraits

21-year-old Finish photographer Konsta Punkka takes breathtaking pictures of nature and lifestyle. We’ve written about him previously, but just can’t seem to get enough...


International Ayahuasca Research – Under The Microscope

In an unlikely collaboration with Amazonian shamans, medical researchers seek a cure for autoimmune diseaseTen years ago, Mark Pischea, then a 42-year-old political consultant...

Scientist Claims DMT Can Connect You To A Parallel Universe

DMT or Dimethyltryptamine is a chemical compound produced naturally in the pineal gland inside your brain that belongs to the tryptamine family.This naturally occurring substance is produced...

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