10 Weed Strains To Try Right Now

10 Weed Strains To Try Right Now

The number of weed strains available out there is endless. Some are perfect for deep relaxation while others give users with depression and anxiety...

Psychedelic Research Conference | Creatives Of Toronto

This annual conference aims to bring the ongoing psychedelic research renaissance to the general public. Over the last 20 years, psilocybin, LSD, MDMA and...
Psychedelic Books

Best Psychedelic Books

Psychedelic books have always constituted a large percentage of our reading time. Information about psychedelics can be found in movies, podcasts, and on various...

Psychedelics are tools to explore consciousness and our interconnectedness with the universe.

Esoterism and Trance – Esotrance

Esotrance is the column for esotericism. And to open the works start explaining the difference between exoterism, written with "X", and the writing with...

Decolonize Consciousness: From Music Festivals to Standing Rock

Welcome to the show, Sobey Wing.  I left it to Sobey, by his request, to introduce himself during this show and so I will leave...

Surrealism Polish Painter Who Learned To “Photograph Dreams”

Surrealism Polish Painter Zdzisław Beksiński was born in Sanok, southern Poland. He studied architecture in Kraków. In 1955, he completed his studies and returned...
International Research into Ayahuasca - Under The Microscope

International Ayahuasca Research – Under The Microscope

In an unlikely collaboration with Amazonian shamans, medical researchers seek a cure for autoimmune diseaseTen years ago, Mark Pischea, then a 42-year-old political consultant...

Scientist Claims DMT Can Connect You To A Parallel Universe

DMT or Dimethyltryptamine is a chemical compound produced naturally in the pineal gland inside your brain that belongs to the tryptamine family.This naturally occurring substance is produced...


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420 Meaning Story Of How April 20 Became National Weed Day

420 Meaning: Story Of How April 20 Became ‘National Weed Day’

NATIONAL WEED DAY is an unofficial celebration dedicated to cannabis that is marked in various locations around the world every year, 420 meaning both...