A world full of magic is rising in the wilderness on the Romanian Black Sea coastline, on the virgin lands of Tuzla Beach, Constanta.
Dakini aims to inspire active people from Europe and around the world connect in an environment that celebrates life, nature, freedom, tolerance and creativity, and elevate through better understanding of the world, the self, the nature and the relation between them.

  • 4 days and nights of music, speakers & workshops, art installations and more.
  • One of Eastern Europe’s biggest yoga villages featuring some of the world’s most inspiring and creative minds.
  • 100+ artists on 3 stages featuring an ideal mixture of sounds ranging from psy-trance, to chill and micro-house.

DAKINI FESTIVAL – A Journey Into the Unknown (29 June – 02 July 2017)
dakinifestival.com (full information available)
Dakini Festival on Facebook: Event Official Page

Four days and nights of pure magic by the sea, over 100 artists, three stages and one of Eastern Europe biggest yoga villages await you this summer.

The new Dakini festival looks very promising with a great location and a massive Line-Up including:

Avalon – Loud (live) – Dj Tsubi – Ancient Core – E-mantra – Dr. Space – Kroko – Gahhabi – Dj Driss

Asura – Solar Fields – Desert Dwellers – Gaudi – Carbon Based Lifeforms – Vibrasphere – Kaya Project – Suduaya – Irina Mikhailova – Globular – Bayawaka – Ancient Core – Kukan Dub Lagan – Johnny Blue – Zen Baboon – Dj Seb Taylor – Liquid Bloom – Sky Istvan – Sync 24 – Star Sound Kontinuum – AlienLama – AlienTree – Bwoy de Bhajan – Cj Art – Estray – Fishimself – Kanc Cover – Logical Elements – Love Hertz – Man Of No Ego – Merve Bozdag – Mr. Chillum – Photosynthesis – Planul – Reasonandu – StereOMantra – Yarn

Petre Inspirescu – Half Hawaii(live) – Barac – Herodot – Priku – Piticu – Gescu – Arapu – Alexandra – Suciu – Cap – Crihan – vlf – Nu Zau – Sepp – Charlie – Lizz – Vincentiulian – Spacetravel – Giuliano Lemonte – Christopher Ledger – Kid Chriss – Mihigh – Mauss – RAToÓ

Tickets available across the Eventim network in Eastern Europe as well as Hadra.net for the rest of the world.

First Release – 65 EUR / (until 13.04.2017)

First Release – 65 EUR / (until 13.04.2017)

First Release – 65 EUR / (until 13.04.2017)
“including a free compilation from Desert Dwellers”

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