Oregon is close to becoming the first US state to legalise magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms could soon be legalised in one US state after officials took a step closer to a potential ballot on the issue.

Oregon is a step closer to becoming the first state to legalize psychedelic mushrooms. Sheri and Tom Eckert of the Oregon Psilocybin Society have been drafting a ballot initiative in Oregon that would allow individuals to take psilocybin in supervised settings.

In November, Oregon’s secretary of state approved language for a ballot initiative that would make “magic” mushrooms legal. To make it on the ballot for the 2020 general election, the initiative will need 117,578 signatures, CNN reported. And if successful the drug would then be legal and could be manufactured under a license.

The possession of psychedelic mushrooms is is currently illegal across America, as they are classified as a Schedule I substance. A similar effort to legalize in California failed recently.

A growing number of recent studies have shown that magic mushrooms could be beneficial to certain people. Scientists say psilocybin could help reduce anxiety in people with cancer and could be used as a treatment for anxiety and depression. Other studies have shown the potential to treat alcoholism and other addictions.

Many Americans have shifted their opinions on marijuana and other illegal drugs in recent years, and scientists are also reassessing the effects of psychedelics. On its website, the society says there’s a growing body of evidence the drug is safe and effective to treat things like depression, anxiety, PTSD and, ironically, drug addiction.

In addition to Oregon, residents of Denver could soon vote on the decriminalization of magic mushrooms. Would you vote to legalize psychedelic mushrooms?

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