How to Use Psychedelic Mushrooms as a Tool to Heal C-PTSD

Combined with psychotherapy, some psychedelic drugs like psilocybin may improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

I am Ashley, I have a Masters in Health Coaching and attuned as a Reiki Master / Teacher, I am also certified in Integrative Nutrition, Hormone Health and a published Author. I don’t mention this to give myself authority but instead show you what is possible when you use psychedelics as a tool for Elemental Growth.

I started my life off a mess – using sex, ecstasy, alcohol and cocaine to cover up pain rooted in childhood abuse. I was taught to hold things in and that the stuff I wanted to talk about didn’t matter. I was shown that drinking, putting on a mask and SAD (Standard American Diet) foods were my only options in life and then I had my first dose of psychedelic mushrooms. I realized just how f***ed up and oppressed every culture is, I saw the big picture. I moved out of my moms at 14 years old, was kicked out of high school shortly after and had a rough few years learning about the world and who I am.

At 20 I began experiencing hormonal issues but continued to party, at this time I also decided to get an education. Because I liked to party and travel, I enrolled into College as a Hospitality and Tourism student. Wise at the time but I am still paying student loans off for this party phase of my life. After a few semesters I began to travel Canada accumulating new life expierences along the way. One day as I looked out at the Pacific Ocean, I heard a voice tell me “it’s time to get sober, and to do this you have to go home to the roots of where your trauma started”.

I did get sober shortly after my return. I cleaned up my diet too and truly did start healing my roots. I created a timeline of my life, I said goodbye to friends, family, items and thoughts that did nothing good for me. I also threw myself into 2 hours of Kundalini Yoga DVD’s by Maya Fiennes everyday and a weekend dose of psychedelic mushrooms. 

I was doing the meditation thing, the clean eating thing but it was mushrooms that truly made the connections and guided me back to purpose and passion for life. It was the mushrooms that told me to start looking at my food in a new light – to think about life force energy and what I consume psychically, mentally and spiritually – even more why I am consuming it. For a year I tested every food in my local grocery store and bulk bin to see if it would grow. That’s how I got into Fluoride, GMO’s and our solutions “Permaculture” and Integrative Nutrition.

It was mushrooms that introduced me and ultimately the reason I became obsessed with Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell and the McKenna Brothers. It was mushrooms that supported my sacred journey to sobriety, backpacking 3 countries in South America with no map or clue what I was doing and it was mushrooms that has helped me clear out my C-PTSD so I can fill my life up with laughter and good times with my son who gets the best of me everyday.

What is a Bio Hack?

Bio hacking is all about self-improvement and human optimization. As Tony Robins explains it “Biohacking is essentially the practice of changing our chemistry and our physiology through science and self-experimentation to energize and enhance the body.” Now I don’t know if Tony practices with entheogens but I know that they have helped me make the process of bio-hacking more focused and enjoyable.

Here’s My Prescription For C-PTSD

My bio-hacking specialty is in the realm of Moon Cycles, Circadian Rhythm, Seasonal Alignment, Positive Psychology & personized Alchemy but there is a large spectrum so I dabble to level up my own rituals. Most recently I have been micro dosing psilocybin twice per month as part of my new and full moon rituals written about in my book Be The Change: Your Guide to Elemental Growth Through Nature, Love, Food & Movement.

Top 3 Elemental Tips

  1. Write an ongoing list of all the things you hate and title it “Things I Will No Longer Tolerate”
  2. Take action by recognizing your feelings as they come up and then eliminating the things that make you feel like sh**
  3. Reward yourself with new habits that align with who and where you want to be. Your dreams are only possible when you believe “it’s all happening”.

I am Ashley, and this is my blog on how I bio hacked C-PTSD and my destructive behaviors using psychedelic mushrooms. I am the girl that has cleaned up her life, broken through family karma and tapped into her natural flow. Like me you have everything you need to heal yourself and reach each dream you put forth but you don’t have to do it alone. Having your own guide on the side lines can help you breakthrough roadblocks and unleash your true potential.

As a health coach I don’t fix my clients, they do that, my job is to ask the questions that will spark transformation – so here it is: What resonated with you most? How do you think this bio-hack will be of service to you rising to become the hero of your own story? Sending you good vibes & positivity on your Elemental Growth journey, it’s all happening!!

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