Moon Magic: Psychonauts Guide to The Moon Cycles

Astrology can be a powerful integrative tool for psychonauts and truly does allow for other exceptional experiences to manifest.

This article is written for the psychonauts out there looking for a bit more magic and a much deeper connection. If you feel a special connection to the Moon, then this article is for you. By following the moon phases and setting personalized intentions it will be easier for you to connect with the rhythms of Mother Nature. Overtime this ritual will become part of the rhythm of your own life, harmonizing you with your environment and manifesting serendipity.

In my Elemental Growth guidebook, I go much deeper into the moon cycles and how all of natures cyclical cycles help in personal development and integration. For example, the moon has a huge stabilising effect on Earth’s tilt, reminding us that the key here is always to keep a healthy balance, knowing when to hold on to your powers and when to release them to the universe. This article is intended to help you achieve this balance naturally.

For many people around the world, natures cyclical cycles like the moon cycles are seen as magical. It’s believed in some traditions that the new moon, waxing moon, the full moon and the waning moon all harness their own special magical properties, and so as a native American woman obsessed with personal development, I naturally began planning my psychedelic ceremonies accordingly.

The moon plays a very large role in mushroom “flushes” (a period of time when large numbers of mushrooms appear all at once). According to those who have help onto their lineage or work with mushrooms, you’ll find more mushrooms during the full moon than at any other time (except maybe lightning storms, I have heard that too). While mushrooms are no doubt influenced by the moon, individual species respond in different ways some flushing at the full moon, others at the new and some species even appear in the first or third quarters.

The ancients considered Mushrooms to be under the dominion of the Moon and above all other growing things on earth to be most influenced by it. The ancients also believed in the Doctrine of Signatures which is a subject I adore and continue to study – if your interested here is the guide.

The Full Moon includes the day before and the day after a full moon, if highly sensitive you could probably even feel the powers of the full moon up to three days before and after, for a total of seven days. If your want to follow the phases of the moon for your sacred journey, the full moon is a good time to do rituals focused on personal growth and spiritual development.

The Waning Moons are used to banish unwanted energies and encourages us to get rid of or destroy things you no longer wish to be burdened by. This is a time each month when I cleanse my environment and write a letter releasing all the baggage that has built up inside me over time. While the moon is fading and dwindling, I do a simple ceremony to help me release negativity back to mother nature who knows what to do with it. I make it a habit get rid of anything that’s bad, hostile or toxic so that come the next moon cycle (New Moon), I can start over fresh.

The New Moon is considered a fallow time, in which one rests and rejuvenates. This is also a time when hormonally balanced woman will menstruate naturally. In other traditions, it’s a time to ask and manifest. When the sky shows the dark side of the moon it appears as a black canvass for us to visualize our desires. I focus more on intention during this phase, tap into my inner self and affirm my monthly goals.

The Waxing Moons are used to focus on positivity which naturally draws things to you like a magnet. This is the moon phase when you will get things done. Anything I need to achieve my goals appears to me through synchronicity during this time, As the moon gets closer to full, so does my resources, my trust in the universe to provide and my garden.

Astrology can be a powerful integrative tool for psychonauts and truly does allow for other exceptional experiences to manifest.

Sending you much love and positivity on your Elemental Growth journey. ~ Ashley

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