Baton Rouge Drug Detox Program: Everything You Need to Know

The Baton Rouge Detox Center offers several programs to help people wanting to get rid of their addiction resume a life of sobriety and complete wellbeing.

Teenagers and young adults often start using recreational drugs as an adventure or due to peer pressure. And before they are able to apprehend the consequences, they fall prey to drug addiction. Addiction, a chronic brain disorder, can be an all-consuming ordeal.

Drug addiction makes people lose the power to assess what is good or bad for them, and they often end up doing unthinkable things. Drug addiction not only impedes your physiological and psychological health, but it also takes a toll on your personal, social and professional life.

Though recovery from addiction is possible, it can be a strenuous process. A person needs to have determination, perseverance, and support to go through the process. Medical assistance plays a vital part in addiction recovery therapy too. 

The Baton Rouge Detox and Rehabilitation Centre was built to help treat patients who are combating substance abuse disorder. This facility offers all the guidance and support an ailing person might need to achieve and maintain sobriety. This article will explore the mission of this rehab center and how they help people resume a life of sobriety. Keep reading to know more about their programs.

Baton Rouge Rehab Center: A Brief Overview

The Baton Rouge Rehab Center was established to provide complete assistance to patients combating substance abuse disorder and behavioral illness. Their mission is to go beyond the apparent issue and target the root cause so that the individual can embrace a healthy life in the future.

Addiction and behavioral issues often arise due to past trauma. The professional team at this facility employs a combination of traditional psychology and spirituality to help the patients recover. Their primary goal is to help individuals uncover the truth within themselves and pave a path for inner freedom.

The institute is open for adults over 18 years of age seeking help and medical assistance to cope with substance abuse and mental health disorder. They offer multiple programs for different needs facilitated by well-trained and licensed therapists.

What Facilities Does the Rehab Centre Offer?

The Baton Rouge Rehab Centre is a residential facility developed to take long-term care of patients dealing with substance abuse. The center is equipped with highly trained medical personnel and other professionals having 50 years of combined experience in the treatment industry.

Their 12-step program is designed to help you get a clear perspective of your life, and it allows you to get connected to a strong recovery community. Their compassionate staff takes complete care of your overall wellbeing and safety.

The Baton Rouge Rehab Center offers a 24-bed lodging facility for both men and women. It is near its main campus. The residential area is built to enable admitted patients to stay in close contact with their mentors and doctors at all times so that they get full support throughout the three phases of their treatment.

The institute has a large 5000+ square feet enclosure which offers ample space for its patients to meditate and work on their tasks without any disturbance. A beautiful garden adorns the campus, which gives them the serenity everyone craves. The patio area provides an open space for the patients to relax and enjoy their breaks.

Programs Offered by Baton Rouge Rehab Centre

Medical Stabilization Program

The Medical Stabilization is a detoxification program designed to help patients to cleanse their bodies of the toxins that have accumulated due to long-term drug abuse. It enables people to be mentally and physically prepared to begin the rehabilitation process. The Baton Rouge Rehab Centre provides complete medical assistance during this procedure.

Foundation Program

After the detoxification process, the patients are required to spend 28-35 days in a live-in, primary care setting. They receive 6 hours of group, didactic, and family therapy services every day during the program. This part of the recovery program is designed to enrich their spirit, mind, and body. During the process, the patients are provided with excellent housing and nutritional support.

Cornerstone Program

The Cornerstone Program is designed for people needing a structured setting to help overcome symptoms of substance abuse disorder. It is an intensive outpatient program where patients can take help of the 9-hours of the group, family, and didactic therapy services offered to them per week. The case managers assigned to each client help them identify their skill sets and guide them towards possible career or educational opportunities.

Family Program

Support from family members is very beneficial for patients struggling to quit their addiction. The clinical team at Baton Rouge Rehab Center conducts special family therapy sessions to educate family members of patients about their loved one’s addiction and the recovery process suitable for them.

They help the families cope with the consequences and encourage them to support the patient while undergoing the treatment. It remarkably enhances the spirit of the patients and is proven effective in preventing relapse and promoting long-term wellbeing.

Dual Diagnosis

Addiction and mental health disorders are often interrelated. It can affect one’s overall well-being, relationships, and social and professional life. The medical personnel at the Baton Rouge Rehab Center are trained to diagnose and assess the complete spectrum of issues affecting the patients and provide a customized treatment plan for their unique needs.

Program for Adults with Addiction & Co-occurring Disorders

Substance addiction often co-occurs with two or more mental health disorders. This range of disorders can be complex and difficult to deal with. Staff at Baton Rouge takes time to assess the complexity and severity of the multifaceted physical and mental challenges and offer holistic and personalized therapy.

Program for Complicated Case

The detox facility at Baton Rouge uses the best professionals and equipment, which enables them to diagnose and treat complicated cases of substance abuse and psychological disorders. The staff at this institute are well-trained to work with individuals and families. They provide comprehensive and coordinated care to the patients to help initiate recovery and promote well-being.

The Bottom Line

Survey says that a large number of crimes occur at the hands of addicted people in their intoxicated state. Drug addiction can divert people from a healthy path of life and push them to do unimaginable things. The Baton Rouge Detox Center offers several programs to help people wanting to get rid of their addiction resume a life of sobriety and complete wellbeing. We hope this article has helped you to know the institution and its mission and programs in a better way.

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