Beautiful LED Mushroom Lamps Turn Your Room Into A Mystical Forest

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Resembling something that one may see in a storybook, these spectacular mushroom lamps are the result of an eco-friendly combination of handcrafted glass, LED lighting and reclaimed wood. Great Mushrooming, the team behind these fascinating devices, draw their inspiration directly from Earth’s most talented designer, Mother Nature, to create their mystical fungi light fixtures.

Founded by Yukio Takano, also know as Mr Mushroom, the Great Mushrooming project has received much attention from all over the world since the 2010 debut of their luminous mushrooms at Design Festa in Tokyo. Despite the many requests he continues to receive, Takano feels that the delicate lamps are far too brittle for international shipping and also, his day job keeps him too busy to meet the demand. The only way to procure one of these charming lamps is to be fortuitous enough to catch them at one of the design festivals that take place in Tokyo.

For more from Takano and the Great Mushrooming Team:
great mushrooming

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