One Trip With Magic Mushroom Can Make You Permanently More Open

Just one strong dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms can alter a person's personality for more than a year and perhaps permanently, a new study finds.


Magic Mushroom Can Make You Permanently More Open

Magic mushroom, psychedelic, psilocybin; these names come to mind when people think of the powerful mushroom that has the ability to dramatically change your perception of the world, reality and the universe. It turns out that science is beginning to prove that one experience with psilocybin, the active ingredient in these mystic-mushrooms, can cause a permanent shift in how open you are as a person.

According to research done by Katherine MacLean, a postdoctoral researcher at the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, taking psychedelic mushrooms only once can change your personality for the rest of your life. In a recent experiment MacLean and her colleagues observed personality questionnaires from 51 participants who had a session with psilocybin as part of two separate Johns Hopkins studies. She noted that while certain aspects of a participant’s personality remained the same after the sessions, a sense of openness was increased after the psilocybin experience.

In fact, this effect was pronounced for those who reported having a “mystical” experience during their session. These qualities and traits of the mystical experiences that were reported were a sense of profound connectedness, joy, reverence and peace, MacLean said in her report in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.


“It’s probably not just psilocybin that causes changes like this, but more these kinds of profound life-changing experiences, whatever flavor they take,” MacLean states. “For a lot of people, psilocybin allows them to transcend their ways of thinking about the world.”

30 of the 51 volunteers involved had a mystical experience and the openness in these participants was notably larger than typically seen over decades of life experience in modern adults.

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