What Happens When You Smoke DMT While Peaking on LSD?

Listen to Terence McKenna relate his insane experience smoking the hyper-potent psychedelic DMT at the peak of an acid trip…

Watch the video embedded below to hear Terence McKenna talk about the time that he smoked DMT while already peaking on LSD.

(Note: Sociedelic does not endorse drug use. This is included for humor value only. PS: DMT fucks up your lungs.)

DMT is an incredibly potent psychedelic drug that produces some of the most intense states of consciousness known to man. Most users are blasted off into an epic trip as soon as the entheogen is smoked—and its effects only last for about five to 10 minutes.

But what if you want more out of the DMT experience? What happens when you smoke DMT while already peaking on LSD—itself a potent and long lasting psychedelic?

In addition to his notoriety as a psychonaut and ethnobotanist extraordinaire—having traveled to the Amazon many times for ayahuasca ceremonies, as well as publishing such seminal psychedelic works like The Invisible Landscape and Food of the Gods during his lifetime—McKenna was also a great storyteller. You’ll have to listen to McKenna tell the story like only he could to find out just how crazy things can get when you smoke DMT at the peak of an acid trip.

Now we want to know what happens when you give yourself a DMT enema while peaking on acid.

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