What Happens When You Give Yourself a DMT Enema?

Take the most intense psychedelic on Planet Earth and stick it up yourself? What could possibly go wrong?

DMT is the most potent psychedelic known to wo/mankind. You smoke it and it shoots you into another dimension for an eternal five minutes in which you interact with the transtemporal aliens that may or may not control all of reality.

It’s an incredibly intense experience, so rough that Terence McKenna once remarked that it’s telling that even in an infinitely commodifying culture, constantly looking for new highs and peak experiences, DMT has been too strange to ever be commodified, lingering in the psychonautic underground just behind a glass container that clearly reads “break only if you truly, deeply want out of this reality.”

But for the truly extreme psychonaut, when dealing with such an unbelievably powerful substance, only one question can truly be asked:

What happens if I put it in my butt?

Krystle Cole, aka the infamous “underground LSD palace girl,” currently a Ph.D. student and webmaster of NeuroSoup.com, found out.

Watch below for the trip through the tunnels of love:


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