Growing LSD Weed Seeds – The Benefits of Growing These Seeds and The Best Technique To Use

The LSD strain is a hallucinogen popular in the 1950s due to its long-lasting, mind-altering effects. Recreational users appreciate this strain due to its reality-altering effects and intense THC concentration of 24 %, which users should be responsible and cautious about smoking. Despite this, users continue to use this cannabis due to its mind-numbing potential. This strain is infamous for knocking people unconscious even with a low dosage. This is frequently ingested at night since it can aid individuals who suffer from sleeplessness and those with a lot of discomforts. Here are some suggestions for cultivating LSD weed seeds.

Marijuana strain review

Because of its high THC concentration (up to 24%), the LSD marijuana strain is not recommended for first-time marijuana users. Even though this strain contains 2.5% CBD, it cannot counteract the intoxicating compound’s significant impact. It gives you a powerful cerebral high, which helps you relax before the Indica effects kick in. Moreover, this strain is used for pain relief because some users claim that it gives them an “elevated” feeling to the point where they can’t feel any more pain than they usually do. This also gives consumers a euphoric high, increasing their energy and creativity.

Challenge growing LSD weed

Cannabis farmers assess LSD as simple to grow in terms of growing difficulties. One of the reasons it is regarded as simple is that this plant has a natural resilience to illness. Mold is a possible concern; thus, it is critical to maintain an ideal humidity level in the space. Pruning the plants increases air circulation and allows light to reach the lowest nodes, lowering the danger of mold growth.

Best growing techniques for LSD weed seeds 

LSD strain is an excellent weed for honing your pruning abilities. Pruning well can even help you enhance your yield. LSD seeds do not grow extremely tall, but if they are allowed, they will become thick and bushy. Topping the plant encourages the production of additional auxin, which promotes growth. We advocate trimming the lower branches to shift energy to the enormous buds above. Topping is removing the plant’s top at the stem between the nodes. It will produce two significant colas at the top of the plant. You can use low-stress training to bind down branches and produce more colas.

Expectations for LSD marijuana yield

LSD seeds are high-yielding plants that can be grown both inside and outdoors. LSD weed generates around 21 ounces per square meter when grown indoors. This strain matures outdoors in mid-September and yields 18 ounces of high-quality bud per plant. The value of cultivating LSD strain is determined by how much you require. Medicinal consumers frequently discover that farming saves them money in the long run. Dispensaries in Oregon offer LSD weed seeds for around $180 per ounce. As a result, even if you spend $2,000 on tools, anything above 11 ounces implies you save money.

Feeding LSD marijuana

This strain may thrive on a standard feeding plan. However, you should consider growing it in super organic soil containing organic materials such as bat guano and worm casting.

Potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen are the major nutrients, and they are ready-made fertilizers that you can purchase at any NPK store. For example, if the fertilizer bag says 3-2-1, it signifies that there are three parts nitrogen to every two parts phosphorus and just one-part potassium. The great nitrogen soil additions include a crustacean meal containing chitin and calcium, among other nutrients. Phosphorus is increased by chicken dung and rock dust, whereas potassium is increased by wood ash and kelp meal.

The perfect climate to grow LSD cannabis

LSD seeds grow best at temperatures ranging from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Outdoor growers should avoid heavy rains. Mold or powdery mildew may develop if the thick buds become soaked. The latter is a frequent disease on cannabis plant buds and leaves. However, it is usually found on the lowest branches because of limited ventilation, heavy humidity, and little light exposure. It’s easy to identify, yet it spreads swiftly.

Spray your plants with organic fungicides to prevent powdery mildew, and trim as needed to optimize overall ventilation. A 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in water generates a robust solution capable of eradicating mildew and sterilizing the harvested plants. It’s a complicated process, but it’s worth the time and effort since it might rescue your plants.

LSD weed strain flowering period

LSD strain flowers in 7-8 weeks, making it a fast-growing variety. Investing in a little microscope is a good idea when harvest time arrives. It should have a magnification of at least 60x. It allows you to examine the buds and trichomes in more detail. If they’ve reached a milky-white tint, your crop is ready for harvest. Before harvesting, wait until part of the trichomes has gone amber.

Cannabis growers disagree on the exact proportion of trichomes that should have become amber before harvesting. Some think 25% is optimal, while others argue that 70% is optimal. However, don’t put off harvesting for too long!

Additionally, when harvesting, you must use clean tools. When growing with clippers, you expose it to germs that naturally reside in the soil. Allowing the same clippers to touch your finished product is a recipe for disaster. To put that into perspective, large-scale farmers have a microbiologist on staff who swabs and tests all instruments for pollutants before they are used.

Is it better to grow LSD marijuana indoors or outdoors?

LSD strain is for you if you want to be versatile! LSD seeds grow nicely whether grown inside or outdoors. Because they have more control over the growth environment, most home growers prefer indoor production. As a result, they can avoid problems like excess wetness or bugs from destroying their harvest. There is also the issue of space: not everyone has access to enough land to grow cannabis.

You must follow the suggestions and recommendations above to have an excellent growing adventure using LSD weed seeds. This strain will not disappoint you if you cultivate it healthily and properly.

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