The 3 Realms of DMT

From blasting off through a dark tunnel to intimate encounters with the divine, Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) has been notorious for sending its users into otherworldly places and experiences.

Let’s start with a basic question. What is DMT?

DMT is a naturally produced chemical compound found in an array of mammals and plant life. In humans, it is believed that the Pineal Gland in the brain produces this chemical during REM sleep and death.

While the reason for production of DMT in the brain is a mystery, the effects it has on human consciousness is much more of an enigma. What one has to understand is the intensity and dreamlike nature of the DMT experience convolutes how well it is processed by the user. Therefore, it is hard to give a definitive answer as to whether or not the experience has a general order to it.

Although experiences and results can differ and be quite subjective, I believe through several encounters with DMT, along with information I’ve gathered from fellow explorers, that I have been able to map out 3 vague but common phases of a DMT trip. Below I will outline and give a brief description of each stage and what I believe them to mean.

I’d like to ask the reader to keep in mind that these are not absolute “rules” to the experience. This is simply a theory I have developed in attempts to understand an astonishing spiritual experience.

Stage 1: The Gates

A good 90% of the people I have discussed DMT experiences with have told me that they see a spectacular light made of a vast array of colors and shapes forming in front of them. This light has been described in many different ways. Commonly, one may refer to the light as a gate, a doorway, a portal, or a wormhole. For the sake of simplicity and context, we’ll refer to it as “the gates”.

The Gates are the barrier between yourself and Stage 2.

Unfortunately for some, they find themselves stuck in stage one. Getting stuck at The Gates usually entails disorientation, hallucinations, and contact with unknown entities from time to time. I believe that this is a result of 1 of 2 things.

The first being the users inability to rid themselves of their resistance to the experience. Considering the intensity of stage 1, this reaction is very understandable. However, not allowing oneself to let go only reinforces the roots they have planted in this world. Reinforcing the connection to things you already know is counterproductive if the goal is to explore the outer limits.

The second possibility could simply be a lack of potency or improper intake.

Stage 2: Blast Off

If stage one has been properly completed, the user is blasted forward through the gates at what some would call warp speeds.

Behind the gates, a tunnel is revealed. Within this tunnel, users often report seeing their life and memories flash before their eyes in extravagant color and complimented by extreme euphoria. Other common reports include contact with extra-terrestrials, hearing alien voices, and the feeling of dying. What I believe this tunnel to be is an accessible link between the soul and the heavens. The further one travels down this tunnel, the more disassociated one becomes with the body.

In my experience, it’s usually safe to say that once entering stage 2, the user can be confident that they will move on to stage 3. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

The user can sometimes experience what I call “losing momentum.” This is when the warp speeds that one is traveling at begin to die down and the blast forward gives way to a spiral downward. Despite the negative connotations that often come with the phrase “spiral downward,” I personally don’t see this as a necessarily bad stage to be stuck in. In fact, I think that stage 2 (aside from the comedown and aftermath) is the most introspective and personal stage in the DMT experience.

Going back to the link between the tunnel and bodily association, the user can find themselves at a point in which they are still connected with their earthly consciousness yet in a state which makes it seem almost inhuman and unbiased. In this stage, one is able to directly reflect on themselves through an impartial set of eyes. Rather than the third eye opening to the outside world, it rolls back to look inward. Much like stage one though, this could simply be the result of improper intake.

So let’s do a quick recap of stages 1 and 2. Stage 1 is prior to the initial blast off in which the user must surrender all resistance. A test and judgment if you will. Stage 2 is the blast off, reflection, and dissociative process between the body and soul. You still with me? Let’s move on.

Stage 3: No Man’s Land

The name of this stage really speaks for itself.

As the different stages continue, they become more and more convoluted. It’s up to the users psyche to decide what it does and does not want to remember.

The experiences in stage three are extremely broad. Some have experienced living through the eyes of ancient beings, while others recall touring cities composed of interdimensional machinery. Some have even reported having (usually) friendly conversation with sentient beings such as aliens, elves, angels, and in some cases, God.

My conclusion is that the end of the tunnel is an entrance to the “nucleus” of the Universe. Considering the unfathomable amount of information sewn into the fabric of space and time, it isn’t too unlikely that travelling to the heart of it all could send you to quite a broad number of places. In all honesty, this stage, being the furthest stage that I’m aware of, is the most convoluted and vast, to the point where it’s impossible for me to make any generalizations about it other than “it can take you anywhere.” If one reaches this stage, intake and attitude were all successful.

I hope you have enjoyed my theories and ideas. Please feel free to leave your own ideas in the comment section below. Ideas and information are power. Share them, friends. Be safe and blessings to you all.

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