Preparing for Kambo Ceremony

8-step guide to prepare yourself for Sacred Frog Medicine.

Kambo is a master healer, an Amazonian tree frog secretion that when used with loving intention will cleanse your body – all your bodies; energy body, emotional body and psycial body, in 40m or less. This sacred medicine is not a hallucinogen in that you will see things but from my personal expierence actually takes your cells for a ride while you remain conscious as the observer of the process, while Kambo does its healing work.

If you are called to work with this medicine, below you will find my 8-step guide to prepare yourself for Kambo ceremony:

  1. Decide: Kambo is not an easy medicine, in fact I can guarantee you that you will release things you didn’t even know you could. Emotionally, Spiritually and physically Kambo will help you purge what shouldn’t be there. If you heard the call, done your research and feel its your time, you must commit fully to the process because resistance will only make things worse.  
  2. Plan: Finding the right practitioner for you is really important. You want to be able to relate to the person on some level, also to make sure that they are sourcing their medicine in a sustainable way. Anytime I have been called to work with this medicine, I have had to travel as well. This means planning transportation, accommodation, food, water and companionship.
  3. Week before: Set an intention for your ceremony, get really clear about why you want to work with Kambo. In addition, its good to fast before many sacred ceremonies. This could be coffee, social media, alcohol, sugar, cannabis or really anything that may be in the way of your personal growth. During this week I also stay hydrated, practice self-reiki and affirmations like “I love my elimination organs”, “Kambo is healing my body now”, and “I am ready to change”.
  4. Night before: Pack comfy clothing, blankets, pillows and a yoga mat. Prepare at least 2 liters of water and definitely make sure you fast. In this time, I also like to plan out my itinerary for the day of ceremony; food, nature, rest…
  5. Pre-Ceremony: Before ceremony your going to want to pull your hair back and have a bucket close by, make sure you also have a toilet close to where you are. It’s super important to tell your body that “this is what we have been preparing for” so it knows what to do when the medicine is applied.
  6. During Ceremony: Submit to Kambo, be present and observe. There is not much more I can say. Humming does help break up some stagnant energy and any resistance but this part is a very individual expierence.
  7. Post Ceremony: Before flushing your purge, look at it – what do you see? Foamy white? Yellow? Black? It all has a meaning that could teach you something about yourself (Google it for yourself). After a quick clean up its nice to just relax, eat something light if you can and observe nature in some way.
  8. Integration: The integration process begins the moment Kambo touches your skin and can last a year or more. Music, meditation, clean diet are all tools you can use to enhance how this frog medicine works its magic. I also encourage you to keep a journal of sorts or even just take notes on your calendar as you transform – body, mind, soul.   

I am Ashley, sending you much love and positivity on your Elemental Growth journey.

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