Called to Frog Medicine: 3-Day Kambo Initiation

Kambo is a South American ritual that uses the poison of the giant monkey frog to boost energy and cure illnesses.

These ideas I am about to share with you hold the potential to make you healthier and purified of negative energies so you can renew yourself and your life – this is an article written specifically for people with an open mind, self-awareness and belief that they can get healthier and wealthier naturally.

In my book Be The Change: Your Guide to Elemental Growth I guide you through a year of transformation using natures cycles, as well as share all my favorite tools and resources but to keep things relevant today, I am going to get a lot deeper into my direct expierence with Frog Medicine so stick around!

Kambo is a traditional ritual used by Shamans (and practitioners) that uses the poison of the giant monkey frog, to purify the body and treat various health conditions. Some believe that Kambo can treat Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, infertility, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, migraines, infections and addiction.

Kambo can also purify the physical body of toxic substances, purify the mind and spirit of negative energy, bring luck, increase stamina and cure physical ailments without the use of pharmaceuticals. None of which I knew of when I was called to use Frog Medicine.

When I drew the Frog (Losgann) oracle card this last summer, I learned it that in Druidry the frog governs sensitivity, medicine, hidden beauty and power. Traditionally the frog unites the elements of earth and water, bringing Joy, delight and healing. In all it’s singing and hopping the frog totem is leading you to the secret spring from which you may be refreshed and renewed.

Being a cold-blooded creature living half on a land and half in the water, the Frog possesses an extremely sensitive skin, considered magical by Shaman’s. A companion of the rain Spirits, the Frog can help you develop your sensitivity to others, to healing and to sound through your skin, your physical body and aura (energy body).

Nothing is what it appears to be, and life is more fun than you ever supposed! There is hidden Beauty and hidden power in Nature, and when you open yourself up to this you will feel close to the goddess and close to both the earth and the water element. The frog teaches us to look for the Beauty and the magic behind appearances. Bare in mind however, that all you have to remember is that frogs bring medicine, and Medicine brings healing!

After pulling the frog oracle card I began working with a coach who by way of synchronicity helped me with some emotional healing. I starting telling him all about the frog oracle and explained to him how I thought he was like the frog bringing me the medicine I needed to heal the pain of my past. He blessed me and recommend that I research ceremonial Kambo right away. During my research I received an email from the charity I sponsor Amazon Rain Forest Conservancy – I saw this as an opportunity to learn more and emailed back some questions I had about Kambo medicine which had just presented itself to me.

The president and I wrote back a fourth for a while about the medicine. We contemplated the ethical arguments, our fears and ways we were called to use this medicine. Then we came across a practitioner in Denver Colorado, Raven Rose from @MoonMedicines.

Raven is a practicing herbalist for woman’s hormone health, yes, another synchronicity – Raven is exactly who we wanted to work with!!! This proved to me was that the more aligned you are with nature, the better chance you’ll be in the right place, at the right time, all of the time. You see all of us girls are committed to helping you see the magic in nature and yourself. Also, I too, am an expert in hormone health, herbology, natures cycles and share natures secret messages along side the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy on the board of directors.

Now magically. Seamlessly. Three of us girls planned three days together in the Colorado mountains – for in these three days we were going to receive three Kambo treatments what was also exciting was the Hybrid rental and Ranch we found on AirBnb because it all aligned with our mission of learning how this medicine works.

We met Raven at her office the day we landed in Denver for our first treatment since it was on the way to the Ranch and not as secluded, which helped ease our fears of actually dying from practicing with this new medicine. My friend Jana went first.

Raven smudged her, set up her sacred area and purge bucket. When Raven burned her arm to open the gates for Kambo I felt alarmed by how many dots were required for this initiation. Jana however handled it very well, so I hummed along with Ravens music and sent loving intentions to my friend.

When my turn came, I was so scared that before leaving on this trip, I actually made out a will with my lawyer because I didn’t know if I would make it home from this treatment that fed some of my biggest fears. Still I asked Kambo to be gentle with me, thanked my body for all its functions and stayed present as the medicine worked though my entire body – hands, torso, head and toes…

We learned this day about how the first Kambo session helps to clear the years of toxins built up in the body. The second session goes a bit deeper working on the physical, mental, and emotional build-up. The third session is when things can get deeper and Kambo can work on clearing the spiritual and ancestral illnesses.

While some people may require further sessions for a deeper treatment plan, starting with the 3-day initiation will help to determine if, or when further sessions are needed. Raven explains it like cleaning a floor – day one you pick up the clutter, day 2 you sweep and day 3 you mop up all that remains so you can start fresh!

We woke up in the Ranch to the sunrise in the morning and took in some fresh air as we walked the property were staying at. When the sun was over the mountain peek it was time to prepare for Kambo cleanse number two which we were actually looking forward to since we had some time to contemplate our experience this far.

Because I was able to surrender and break through the fears the first day, I truly looked forward to a proper initiation experience of three sessions within a moon cycle. This is a long-lasted tradition among practitioners; however, I don’t know how many actually do three treatments in three days like we were embarking upon.

After ceremony which lasted about 1h, 20 of that on the toilet. I was refreshed as ever and Jana and I headed out to hike three-sisters peak. We met some fellow travelers who offered us some hippie herb (cannabis) for our hike, when I smoked a little smoke, I felt the medicine flow through me, reminding me that I am still in ceremony and the Kambo spirit is still strong with in me. I don’t know if this is a regular side-effect but over three months has past and I still feel the medicine flow from the Kambo gates and through my body when I use cannabis. 

When day three of our Kambo cleanse came to fruition I felt much appreciation for just how powerful this medicine is. It’s far from easy but if you hear the call from the frog, I encourage you to listen a lot changed for me during these three days.

Every day I set an intention, I thanked every organ function in my body and asked that Kambo be gentle with me. Every day of the cleanse I drank 2 litres of water then purged (from both ends) and everyday after ceremony we ate healthy vibrant food and found ourselves hiking in nature – I of course barefooting all along the way. I never imagined such a powerful transformation. I was skeptical and afraid but thanks to a pattern of synchronicity I decided to go for it… It was abundantly clear I was supposed to.

My chakras were purified and completely in harmony, my body was thankful and refreshed, my emotions were accepted and understood. I’m still struggling to wrap my brain around the magnitude of the transformation I’ve experienced because I am still experiencing it. Kambo is beyond anything I thought and I’m still discovering more synchronicities every day. After initiation it became obvious that there are two of me Pre-Kambo and Post-Kambo – My entire existence changed and I am eternally grateful to the frog’s spirit, passion, guidance. There is simply no way to adequately express the level of gratitude I feel when I think back on this expierence.

Raven explains that If you are interested in working with Kambo in your healing, know that it is not a “miracle drug”. Kambo will not solve all of your health issues in the matter of a 3-day initiation. Working with Kambo means making a commitment to your health and taking responsibility for your actions.

Kambo is not something you do to detox then go back to an unhealthy lifestyle. It has helped many people overcome chronic illness, infertility, drug addiction, depression, and even ancestral trauma, but part of that healing comes from a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, diet, herbs, self-care, and other healing therapies. But, if you have received the call to Kambo, trust the Frog, it’s one incredible ally to have on board.

If my expierence resonates with you or you have some questions lets talk – simple email me [email protected]

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