Intentions: A Psychonauts Blueprint to Setting Intentions

There are all types of intentions you can set before working with a psychedelic.

This article is a follow up to a YouTube video I made this past spring. People around the globe have been asking me to get deeper into the topic of setting intentions before using psychedelics – even those level one psychedelic medicines like coffee, cocoa, tobacco…

So often people don’t even consider tobacco, coffee and chocolate as psychedelics but they are, and they require preparation – such as, setting intentions and the integration work following. This is so important because every psychedelic is mind altering, soul manifesting and opens you up to your native psychic abilities naturally.

This article is a general guide for people using psychedelics of all kinds. I personally work with level one psychedelics, also cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms and Kambo because these are the ones that called me. There are so many available to us on this planet, so step one is figuring out first “are psychedelics for you?” and if so, “which one(s) are you being called to work with?”.

There are all kinds of psychedelics, but using anyone of them can open up a core wound that you, yourself, may have been oppressing. This is called a “bad trip” and even coffee and cannabis can lead to this. By setting intentions before consuming you can better surrender and work with the medicine.

This is when the “mindset shift” happens and you freely move through the feeling of a core wound reopening into loving awareness that this is actually a core gateway, a place inside yourself that only you are responsible for cultivating. Psychedelics are great guides and each has their own unique teachings.

Much of the ancient knowledge round psychedelics has been lost and scientific research has been oppressed. People are waking up though. People around the world are seeking connection with nature, themselves and honoring these psychedelic tools as they go through the process of Elemental Growth.

There are all types of intentions you can set before working with a psychedelic. Here are some examples I have used along my own journey:

Coffee: As I drink this herbal remedy, I will boost my energy levels, mood and brain function. This medicinal beverage is going to help me enhance my performance and nutrition today. *Note: Many people are actually very allergic to caffeine and have no idea, drinking too much to often also comes with negative consequences. I personally drink my coffee with foraged mushrooms like Reichi or Chega and adaptogens like ashwagandha or burdock root. You can also add MTC oil or cinnamon for some other benefits.

Cocoa: By consuming this superfood I will naturally reduce inflammation and stress. Cocoa is supporting my brain health and improving my blood flow. Everytime I consume cocoa in its natural form I am preventing age-related brain degeneration.

Cannabis: This herb is helping me heal myself, this medicine is going to come in my body now and holds the power to heal me naturally. As I use this tool, I will become more present, more focused, more creative and more grounded.

Mushrooms: Upon taking this dose I will become more present, treating any feelings of depression and anxiety that may come up today. This fungus is here to help me manage my addictive behaviors and transmute them into healthier flow states. These mushrooms allow me to dissolve my fears, mental saboteurs and unserving behaviors naturally. Psilocybin is opening me up to love and a divine connection with all.

Kambo: I love my elimination organs. Kambo is healing me. I am now releasing my family karma, my own karma and all which no longer serves me. Kambo is a powerful frog medicine that is strengthening my immune system and dissolving any inflammation. Kambo is bringing me into homeostasis and much more.

Disclosure: Different tools help different people; psychedelics are just one tool and each is very unique. If you are interested in psychedelics make sure you look in nature for quality medicine or find an experienced guide.

Sending you much love and positivity as you set your own intentions, Ashley Michaud.

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