Psychedelic art is any art inspired by psychedelic experiences known to follow the ingestion of psychoactive drugs such as LSD and psilocybin. Discover, Research, and Collect the World's Best psychedelic Art Online

Rob Gonsalves

Robert Gonsalves – Surrealist Painter Picks Up Where Dalí Left Off

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project.  Robert Gonsalves is a 55-year-old Canadian of Portuguese descent who paints scenes that fill in the space...

Galaxy Sweets That Are Out Of This World

Galaxy Sweets That Are Out Of This World Outer space is a spectacular place and sweets are pretty stellar too, combine the two and you...
artist gregory klassen furniture

Unique creative sculptures by GREG KLASSEN

Unique creative sculptures by GREG KLASSEN Visual artist Gregory Klaassen crafts tables that mimic the deep ravines and lakes of the great outdoors.Following the natural...
Sacred Geometry

Is Sacred Geometry a Key for Enlightenment?

The Mathematical patterns behind nature and physical objectsWhat patterns do you see in your own life, or in the world that have symmetry and...

Visionary Art and Sacred Geometry

How Visionary Art is a Tool to change ConsciousnessHaving a hard time carving out a moment for daily meditation? No problem! Gazing at Visionary Art...

The Metaphysical Erotic Art of Alpha Channeling *NSFW*

Alpha Channeling is a visionary artist that is redefining erotic art by visually articulating sacred sexuality with gentle colors that penetrate the mind, and inspire...
The Mind-Obliterating Realms of Noisecraft

The Mind-Obliterating Realms of Noisecraft

Noisecraft is a Russian artist who pushes the boundaries of illustrative story-telling with his cryptic, yet breathtaking renditions of societal relations. In his works,...

String Art Patterns With Extreme Geometry

I recently came across this wonderful string artist Mahoud Al-Qammari. Mahmoud is a specialist when it comes to string art patterns with extreme geometry....

Ke-v produces an Unbelievable String Art

Combine String Art and UV thread and this is what you get!I justify and strengthen my love and passion for string art everyday especially when...

Inside The House of Eternal Return

The Meow Wolf art collective is an art production company that specializes in immersive exhibits such as haunted houses, jungle gyms, children's museums, and...
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