W.O.L.F. FESTIVAL 2017 – Psytrance and adventure sports, are you up to this challenge?

Yeah that’s it! The monument of nature “Straža” near Vrsac Serbia, will be the epicenter of top-class performances, wonderful production and stage design, and it will host world psytrance performers from Chile, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia. Wild nature, beautiful forests, camping and swimming in the clear river Karas will additionally make this festival an irresistible for visitors!

WOLF FESTIVAL SERBIAThis festival became internationally recognized thanks to completely original idea – to combine adventure sports and music into one event. It sounds unbelievable but it’s really happening. As part of the WOLF adventure, visitors will be able to try on kayaking, airsoft, paintball, shooting, as well as other sport activities such as volleyball, Frisbee, swimming … This creative combination attracted the tourists and they are coming because they haven’t seen anything like this so far.

Psytrance & adventure sports? Are you up to this challenge?😁

Posted by Way Of Life Festival on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

W.O.L.F 2017 (Way Of Life Festival) in a very innovative way promotes Serbia in the world, representing its spirit through the ancient symbol of a powerful animal – WOLF. Throughout history, wolf was a kind of personification of the Serbian people and it’s spirit. Wolf has a strong, unconstrained character, the need for freedom, disobedience, firmness, but also affiliation with the collective, wisdom and superior intelligence.

W.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festivalIn this spirit, WOLF will host big world psytrance stars like DigiCult, Goasia, Boom Shankar, Bitkit, Tropical Bleyage, Pulsar, but many other globally known performers such as Spirit Architect, Carina, Aioaska, BPM, Sarmati, Champa, Tristate, Opsy. You can see whole lineup here –  www.wayoflifefest.org. Except in musical program, visitors will be able to enjoy in various artistic  performances, purchasing unique jewelry, clothes, artworks and handicrafts … There will be jugglers, artists with fire, painters, acrobats, cartoon artists, designers. They will enjoy in alternative exercises in nature and massages for improving physical health, as well as traditional and international dishes and specialties, healthy drinks, fruit salads…

WOLF FESTIVAL SERBIAAnother thing that makes difference is free entrance for several countries. Every year specific “Guest country” citizens can visit the festival and enjoy all programs for free. This year, special guests are citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Austria and Norway, so if you have friends or acquaintances from these countries, invite them to take advantage of this campaign. This decision was made in cooperation with the City of Vrsac and the Tourist Organization of Vrsac, in order to improve the international exposure of this tourist region and raise the number of visits from abroad.

W.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festival
W.O.L.F. 2017 – Psytrance festival

According to the organizers, the point  of the festival is that at least for a moment we are free from the pressure , to do what we love and live in the way we love, freely, as the wolf does … to relax, free our thoughts , enjoy nature, music, socializing, art and creation. That’s why organizers invite all free spirit people to become a part of the “wolf family”. The festival is open for all adventurers, artists, entertainers, musicians and dancers and swimmers, barbecues and musicians.

Therefore, if you think you fit into W.O.L.F. Family as a photographer, videographer, exhibitor, artist, barbecue master, acrobat or something else, the festival eagerly awaits your application at the official e-mail [email protected]

Festival tickets provide a three-day access to the festival, free camping site, free parking, showers, beach and toilets, and entry for children under 10 years  is free.

W.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festivalW.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festival

W.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festival

As we approach the festival, the price of tickets will increase. From July, until the festival, the price will be 25Eur, and at the entrance will be 30Eur. One-day tickets can be bought at the entrance for 15Eur

Tickets can be purchased in all WinWin stores in Serbia (http://bit.ly/winwinlocations) or via DDTickets (http://bit.ly/wolfkarte).

The festival has organized transportation from Niš to the festival and from Vrsac to the festival. For more information, visit www.wayoflifefest.org and follow www.fb.com/WayOfLifeFest.