How to Lucid Dream: The Dream Power Kit

If you’ve ever seen ‘Inception” then you are familiar with the concept that the line between what is a dream and what is ‘reality’ is a very blurry one.  Though it was just a movie, ‘Inception’ became something of an instant classic, like ‘The Matrix’,because whether viewers consciously realized it or not, it was resonating with a part of them that vividly remembers the self beyond what we call ‘real’; the dream-world.

Deja-Vu, repetitive dreams, nightmares, sleep paralysis, psychicphenomena, prophetic dreaming…enter the realm of the third eye; the pinealgateway into the self that is not contained by labels and physical form.  This is the aspect we dip into during thedream state.  This dream self is present at all times, yet is generally shrouded by the ego identity and its subsequent holographic projection of reality.  When we dream, the veil is gone, the limitations are gone, we exit the matrix of time-constraints and density and are released into a realm of instant manifestation and, if the conditions are right, we are lucid in this experience.

What is LucidDreaming?

A dream is called lucid if we are conscious that we aredreaming within the dream and if we are able to manipulate and create theexperience we have within the dream. Lucid dreaming is where we realize we are the architect of the realityand have a practice design studio within the substance of our own consciousnesswhere we can practice wearing our creator at. But, how can we induce a lucid dreaming state?

How to Lucid Dream

Here are a few foundational practices to experiment to assistyou in aligning with the lucid dreaming state. Most of these tactics revolve around getting in touch with our dreams,focusing more energy into our dreams, and setting our intention to dreamlucidly.

Dream Journals- Dreamjournals are an excellent way to connect the dots between conscious wakefulness  and our dream life.  It helps to integrate the logical mind withthe subconscious and intuitive mind- where dreaming takes place.  The more you record the dreams you have- evenif you can only remember bits and pieces as first, the stronger your memory ofyour dreams will become and the more you will be building the bridge into yourdream world. Better access=more conscious control.

Reality Checks- Asmentioned, the line between dreams and reality is a thin and paradoxical one.To make this truth visceral, check your reality while asleep and whileawake.  (For instance, look down at yourhand and check how many fingers you have. If it differs from normal, you aredreaming).  You may also practice thisduring wakefulness to develop these neural pathways and link your ‘reality’self to your ‘dream’ self.  Warning: thismay blur the lines of your reality.

Setting IntentionBefore Bed: “I am going to lucid dream” In every area of life, clearingsetting and stating ones intention creates the intended reality or at the veryleast sets up the template that will allow that experience to be had moreeasily.

The Third Eye

Lucid dreaming is in the domain of the third eye and itsvibratory functioning as it is an aspect of reality that deals with the liftingof veils and the altering of awareness. Anything that stimulates the third eye or cultivates its opened andfunctioning state will, by definition, support the lucid dreamingexperience.  This means paying attention to the subtle impressions you are always receiving, being open to guidance, and holding a willingness to see reality beyond its obvious or surface meanings.

This concept came from Ralph Smart AKA Infinite Waters: DivingDeep.  Check out his stimulating videofor more info on lucid dreaming and…sweet dreams

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