Dreaming On CBD: Can CBD Oil Cause Lucid Dreams?

While there are no clear reports on whether or not CBD oil definitively causes lucid dreaming, many users report having more vivid, memorable dreams.

Have you ever wished you had more control over your dreams? Maybe you wanted to fly, land your dream crush, or visit that exotic destination that’s been on your travel must-see list forever. No matter what you want to do, you can accomplish all of this and more through a phenomenon known as lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is when you gain awareness of your own dream state while you’re asleep. You suddenly have control over the narrative, and this is an experience only a select group of people can claim to have. Also known as dream manipulation, achieving lucid dreaming is no small feat.

There are countless guides and how-to articles explaining how to finally do it once and for all, but the answer might be simpler than all of that. It turns out there might be a link between CBD oil and lucid dreaming that gives people more control over what happens when they close their eyes for the night. In this guide, we’ll explore the science behind dreaming on CDB.

What is CBD Oil?

First, let’s discuss what CBD oil is exactly and how it’s used medically. It’s important to note that despite common misconceptions, CBD oil is not the same as THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana. CBD is known for its relaxation qualities, but it won’t get you high in the same way as THC. That’s why it’s commonly used to treat things like anxiety, restless sleep, and insomnia.

Koan Cordials combine THC and CBD with botanical terpenes to create an all-natural plant-derived to gently improve your well-being.

CBD has a number of unexpected side effects, and one of them is unusual dreams. Many first-time users of CBD oil experience dreams that are often disturbing and unlike what they usually experience when they head to bed for the night. Researchers are beginning to think this might be the link between CBD oil and lucid dreaming.

CBD Oil and Lucid Dreaming

While more research is necessary, it’s true that CBD oil does have an effect on dreams. To understand this, you’ll need to know a bit about the science behind our sleep patterns. As you probably know, when you fall asleep, your body goes through different stages. The most well-known is REM sleep, also known as Rapid Eye Movement. This is where we dream. This is not the same as deep sleep which is the stage when our body recovers the most.

According to research on THC, CBD’s sibling, this substance is known to decrease the REM stage and increase the deep sleep phase. This is why people who partake in THC often experience restful sleep, and they notice an increase in dreaming when they switch to CBD.

While there are no clear reports on whether or not CBD oil definitively causes lucid dreaming, many users report having more vivid, memorable dreams. This creates the perfect formula for lucid dreaming, and that’s likely why many CBD users have experienced this phenomenon. To learn more about how to control your dreams, visit Taileaters.


Unfortunately, it’s too early to say for sure if CBD oil causes lucid dreaming, but it’s definitely a possibility. We do know that many CBD users report having unusual or vivid dreams, and this means these dreams have the potential to become lucid for the dreamer.

If you’re thinking of taking CBD oil to help with sleeplessness, consider testing some lucid dreaming techniques for yourself. You never know what you might discover when you’re counting sheep.

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