The Magician and the Trance – Esotrance

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The Fool and the Trance – Esotrance Column
Esoterism and Trance – Esotrance

Continuing our journey of the Fool (…)

After going out the door and finding himself completely aimless in the midst of life. Our Crazy Walker sees that he is not all alone. There are others crazies, so loose, free and also lost like him.

But, as OSHO speaks in his eternal wisdom: “When two men are lost in the woods and meet, they are happy and celebrate, but … as the euphoria of the encounter passes, they realize that, despite being accompanied, they are still lost in the woods.”

At that moment, our beloved character realizes that his path is not just the one, that it needs to hit other worlds. And choose a path to follow. So decide it’s time to have a new goal. It is in this moment of meditation that he has an “insight”, which makes him wish to evolve. And here comes the question: How to do this?

It concludes after much thinking that one has to travel in search of a new place to live, to become something other than a being detached from ideals, one needed more knowledge about the world and the things that exist in it. Learning how to transform and transform … and then a metamorphosis occurs … and it becomes The Wizard!

The Magician. by Rider Waite Tarot
The Magician. by Rider Waite Tarot

The Magician in the Tarot is represented by the figure of a young man awakened, fascinated by the powers of nature that are available for him to develop all his intellectual potential.

In the picture you see a table and four objects on it: a chalice, a coin, a dagger and a wooden stick (usually already in your hand – like a stick of a condom). These objects symbolize the four elements, The chalice is the water element; Currency, land; The sword, the air and the wooden stick, the fire. But these elements are what nature gives us in a more crude way, it lacks what it seeks from deeper: The Ethereal.

This element is found in the figure of the magician himself, who himself can not yet see himself as such. It is self-knowledge. It is knowing how to use the power that is available to you externally, to internally create this new “Crazy”, strong, broad and complete, that he so much seeks to be.

Infinite are the powers that your spiritual essence can have, and so there is also the symbol of the infinite (the lemniscata) in your head, remembering that your free mind can be as immense as the Universe.

The sum of the infinite mind, the elements of nature and the figure of the master of magic, symbolically represented in this letter, exalt the concept of the one who seeks his own truth, his real way, of what he is capable of. In this letter we can also see the regency of the masculine principle, which achieves objectivity, practicality, intellectuality and the use of reason.

Sebastian Trevelyan - Tarot by Ailisea
Sebastian Trevelyan – Tarot by Ailisea

The Trance Magician

And here our “Trancer” (that Fool, free and loose), already adapted to the group and enjoying its first festivals, realizes that something is missing.

Do not just go and spend hours dancing and watching others dance. He wants to be a part of, wants to understand what he does there. What is all this energy for? Where does it leave from? Why am I here? Is this where I belong? … And with a mind full of “for what” and “for” … suddenly … expands!

At this point, you have to accept the fact that it will never go back to its original size (laughs).

And our character decides to learn more, to participate more, to seek knowledge. And among so many nice areas in a festival, he is full of curiosity. Want to know what it’s like to be a DJ, learn juggling, why some do not eat meat. What is the healing tent? Etc, etc.

In an eternal twist of information, the Magician is like a curious teenager and lavishes energy. You think you know everything, but you realize there’s so much more to know. He is the one who seeks and needs to find his place, the wisdom of the total man.

He wants to know, he wants to participate. Aware of this, he follows his journey.

¹ sudden clarity in the mind, in the intellect of an individual; Illumination, popping, light. In psychology: understanding or solving a problem by sudden mental uptake of appropriate elements and relationships.

Le Magician - Midnight Soul Tarot by Liz Birdsong
Le Magician – Midnight Soul Tarot by Liz Birdsong
Mi Tarot, Tu Tarot
Mi Tarot, Tu Tarot

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