Finding the Best Vaping Device for Your Weed

Vaping continues to steadily climb in popularity with one in every twenty Americans using a vaping device according to the Annals of Internal Medicine. Although countless people who smoke weed still prefer more traditional methods, an increased interest in vaping has been noted among both regular and occasional users. When it comes to vaping weed, there are a number of options available. Your budget and personal preferences will ultimately help you choose between dry herb vaporizers, vape pens or pod vapes, or wax pens.

Dry Herb Vaporizers Remain a Hot Favorite

One of the oldest (and most popular) ways to vape weed is with a dry herb vaporizer.  Even though pre-fills and pre-rolls are more convenient, there is something uniquely cool about a vaporizer. These devices sport a chamber where you add your dried weed which then gets heated up to release the active compounds. Although these nifty devices were rather bulky back in the day, modern-day vaporizers are typically a lot smaller and come sporting a range of very cool features such as different temperature settings, cooling technology, and Bluetooth compatibility. Variable temperature settings remain one of the most sought-after features as it allows the user to control the amount of vapor they inhale. Some devices can even be used to vape both dried herbs and waxes.

Grab a Vape Pen or Pod Vape

One of the biggest drawcards of vaping is the fact that vape juice comes in a large variety of tantalizing flavors ranging from grape and sour apple to exotic combinations with names like ‘Smurf’, ‘Shortcake’, and ‘Gentleman’.   It is for this reason that vape pens and pod vapes are by far the most popular types of vapes at present.  The market is flooded with refillable and disposable vapes to suit just about every budget.   Refillable vapes, in particular, have undergone quite a transformation in the last couple of years, becoming increasingly sleeker in design and sporting improved vapor output and extended battery life. If you can’t get your hands on a good-quality cannabis vape juice that ticks all the boxes, you can always make your own at home.

Wax Pens Provide a Potent High

Wax is a coveted substance among vapers as it has a very high concentration of active compounds. Although wax (which is also known as amber, honeycomb, shatter, or butter) is generally more expensive than vape juice or oil, its sheer potency is what sets it apart from the competition. Yes, because wax does not get cut with alcohol, oil, or any other substances, it is substantially stronger than vape juice or oil. Although they don’t look unlike many regular vape pens, wax pens boast an atomizer to which the wax is added, heated, and vaporized.  Look for a wax pen that produces robust flavor clouds, can be charged via USB, and has a cool touch casing for an optimal vaping experience. 

Vaping weed has enjoyed a steady increase in popularity over recent years. With so many different vaping devices on offer, it is important to find one that satisfies your own personal needs best.

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