What is the Best Temperature to Vaporize Weed?

Learn how to use vaping temperature to control your high.

Cannabis smoking has been growing in popularity. The new smoking replacement has gained attention as a choice, which is theoretically safer. The absence of fire and carcinogenic compounds promote smoking in the lungs. Lower temperatures often help to retain each strain ‘s nuanced flavor. Smoking, however, exposes the plant to intensely elevated temperatures. If it is burning bud with a simple flint-and-steel lighter or a blowtorch, it is always burning.

Modern vapor equipment helps cannabis enthusiasts to vaporize their plants at temperatures that differ. This degree of control encourages vaping on the pulmonary system and help users adjust every single contact. This innovative advancement has transformed the way society enjoys cannabis and has unlocked the ability to reach specific molecules, tastes, and implications.

The Correct Vape Temperature

Vaporization levels significantly affect the vapor content by producing varying concentrations and forms of substances emitted at specific temperatures. For starters, you can obtain thin & wispy, but quite tasty vapor at a lower temperature, between 160-320ºC.

The first compound to vaporize in most botanicals is terpenoids as its boiling point is the lowest. Terpenoids are the molecules with ‘flavor and colour.’ While most noteworthy due to their effects, terpenoids are not the only substance that can start sublimating at a lower temperature.

All that choose thicker, more substantial, or more visible vapor will find vaporizing on the optimal vaporization range at temperatures between 210-235 degrees Celsius.

Low-temperature vaping

The lowest level you would have would always be 160° C/320°F on your vaporizer. That’s because THC starts to vaporize at that level, and that will be the lowest end of the scale. It should bring a mellow, easy-high to you, more like a head large than a boulder on the ground. All in all, it is the famous THC that we all know and love, which gives us a beautiful buzz.

Mid-temperature vaping

Moving our way up the measurement system the next target will be at 185°C (365ºF) as we get CBD (180ºC/356ºF) and CBN (185°C/365°F) released at that point.

CBD is what we all recognize as the cannabinoid connected to medicinal marijuana, which, in reality, does not have a vibration. CBN has the characteristics of sedation, is anti-emetic, and an anti-convulsant.

At this altitude, vaporization can send you an incredibly energetic and potent high. Curiously enough, the terpene myrcene, released at 168ºC/334°F, is probably liable for this. It raises the amount of THC which may pass across the blood-brain barrier through your brain.

The terpene that is emitted at this temperature is limonene at 176°C/349°F, which, as it implies, has a citric fragrance and helps to avoid gastric inflow. It stimulates the immune system and has the properties of antitumors.

High-temperature vaping

The next and last step will be about 220°C/428°F on your scale. At this temperature, you’ll get the wonderful calming, meditative feeling. Have you ever used the word “couch-lock”? This is people who are dealing with chronic pain would love the vaping temperature.

It has a sweet fragrance and is antipsychotic, anti-anxiety, anti-insomnia, anti-epileptic, and even a pain reliever. The release of CBC at 220°C/428°F has antiviral, anti-tumor, and anti-inflammatory results. CBC is also renowned for being perfect for anxiety and pain.


There you have it in a nutshell. Play around with the temperatures and see if you can spot the different terpene profiles with their different smells, and see if you can distinguish the different highs. Go for whatever medical benefits you are looking for. Then you can decide exactly how you like to vaporize.

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