DynaVap: Return to a Smoother Connection with your Weed

The DynaVap brand is well known for its innovative production and high-quality durable devices and certainly have the best cannabis vaporizers available on the market.

Before portable vapes with electric heating elements, blueetoth, digital controls and displays, we depended on a lighter and timing. DynaVap brings back that experience to vaping in an ultra-pocketable device much smaller than a pen.

DynaVap is a company based in Wisconsin, developing and producing their vaporizers from scratch, all without a single electronic component making their products ideal for camping or festivals.

In terms of dry herb vaporizers, Dynavap products are different than a lot of the other ones.  It’s not that simple like any other electric vape, but how the Dynavap can be used is very straightforward.

In an age of technology, the DynaVap company stands out from the crowd for a low-tech solution to vaporizing: analog vaporizers that are powered by a butane torch, so there’s no batteries and electricity. All this implies that they don’t have an internal power source and depend instead on an external power source to supply the heat required for vaporization. One of the main reasons these devices are so unique is you don’t want to think about charging batteries.

DynaVap VapCap Vaporizers
DynaVap VapCap Vaporizers

The series of vaporizers work in the way that you fill them up with dry herb and then add an external source of heat to the exterior of the vaporizer cap, such as the flame from a torch. The fire penetrates the vaporizer, hits the plant inside, and heats it up to vapor levels.

Which is Best For You?

DynaVap vaporizers have a special vaping method but, due to a wide variety of choices, selecting one of the different models can be difficult at first. But the good news is they all vape the same.

How to use it

Whatever DynaVap model you’re using, all you need to do is to fill the tip with some weed, it doesn’t have to be too finely ground. Put the tip back on and stack it slightly. Now point your torch about an inch or two from the cap to the center. Heating up is easy enough, but it has a cool feature that makes sure you’re not going too far.

Rotate the whole thing to ensure the whole cap is heated until you hear a click and then inhale at the right speed to produce vapor.

For good reason, DynaVap alerts users to respect the clicks and do not overheat the cap by applying heat more than 3 seconds past the click because overheating will permanently damage the VapCap.

When you hear the first click, stop heating the cap or you’re likely to combust your herbs which ruins the smooth vapour quality. Once the correct temperature is reached, an inside bimetal thermostat makes an audible click to let you know it’s time to vape, and once again when the optimal temperature drops down and is ready for heating again.

This simplicity is a product of a brilliant technological technique, which the traditionalist founder George Breiwa has used to exclude electronics in his projects.

Be sure to wait for the cooldown before using any more heat until the VapCap clicks again. After every use, it’s a good idea to dump out the oven. In the long run, this will help keep your VapCap vaporizer cleaner, and save you some deeper cleaning sessions.

Draw Resistance

By covering the airport with your index finger, taking the other side with your thumb and gradually rotating the vaporizer, you can easily change the resistance, so that your finger only covers half of the hole.

The OmniVap mouthpieces works on all non-M VapCaps letting the end to be twisted too so you don’t need to worry about it.

Managing the heat

Standard lighter or even a stove can work, although the better investment is sure to be a butane torch lighter. It delivers heat more quickly, gives you better temperature control and won’t leave behind ugly soot marks.

As you get more comfortable with your lighter, you can start changing the amount of heat. Be sure to point your lighter to the tip end at a point of 45 degrees and you get an even roast all over the oven. Manual heating makes every drawing under your control.

The Dynavap heats up the material at temperatures between 150°C and 230°C. The temperature also depends on where the heat is applied, at the tip of the cap for lower temperature, or at the other end for higher temperatures. Most users understand how to get the best vaping experience out of their DynaVap vaporizers after about few sessions.

Excellent vapor

Who doesn’t love great tasting vapor? That’s exactly what DynaVap products offers. Great vapor always impresses us. Its hybrid conduction and convection heating system put the herbal flavors right up front.

The oven of the VapCap can hold only 0.1 grams of weed. It does not sound like much, but even so, you’ll still be surprised at how powerful a small hit can feel.

The main models to choose from are:

  • VonG – The VonG VapCaps can be used with hydro-filtration water pipes.
  • M – The “M” series is the cheapest.
  • Omni – Stands for high-end luxury models.

VapCap HydraVong XLS

VapCap HydraVong XLS
VapCap HydraVong XLS

The HydraVong is DynaVap’s newest product with a new shape and geometry and is going to replace the NonaVong. The HydraVong has a style that suits any choice with dark wood finishes. The wooden spinning mouthpiece of the vape imparts slight woody notes on the vapor route, resulting in a fantastic flavor.

This complete unit comes with features such as XL condenser, fast heating titanium tip, a longer slip resistant body, a new airport, and bigger cuts for better airflow. Not to mention a 14 mm male body which gives every 14 mm female joint the ability to attach.

The total length is 109 mm, so it fits perfectly into the Dynastash XL. The Dynastash is made of high quality wood and is perfect for most devices from DynaVap.

DynaVap M

DynaVap M
DynaVap M

The DynaVap M was released in 2019 and it provides excellent taste and strong hits. The new DynaVap M has a medical grade stainless steel body and mouthpiece, a redesigned tip, a design that is more ergonomic and some other cool enhancements over the already impressive 2018 version. The body is unbreakable, so longevity is not a concern. That’s why they offer lifetime guarantee on the DynaVap M.

The DynaVap M is one of today’s smallest, if not the smallest, portable vaporizing devices on the market. For any vaping enthusiast the DynaVap M is a great purchase for more than one good reason. Without a doubt, the DynaVap M is at the top of the list of portable lightweight herbal vaporizers and is priced at an affordable price.

OmniVap XL Titanium

DynaVap Omni Vap Titaniun XL
Omni Vap Titaniun XL

In comparison to the’ M’ model, the Omni Vap XL Titanium has several improvements. Apart from the stainless steel cap, is made entirely of Grade 2 titanium alloy to achieve maximum lightness, dispersion of temperatures, and longevity.

This model provides a lengthier body for extra vapor cooling and you can twist the mouthpiece to adjust draw resistance.

Usually, the DynaVap higher-end products add in features, fabrics and finishes, but tech behind is almost similar. Using the Omni, you might be able to achieve better results, probably because of their adjustable resistance.

Although stainless steel is absolutely safe, titanium is much better for heat retention. The longer condenser also makes the whole experience smoother and cooler.

The flavour on the vaporizers of DynaVap is always excellent and the OmniVap is no exception. The taste is very pure and fresh.

It’s a very efficient vaporizer that can be used wherever you are because of its small size, and without a doubt, is one of the best products from DynaVap. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high-end vaporizer and wants to adventure outside.

DynaVap makes excellent vaporizers

The DynaVap brand is well known for its innovative production and high-quality durable devices and certainly have the best cannabis vaporizers available on the market.

Each unit consists of four main components: a cap, a tip and a mouthpiece. It’s easy to deconstruct, reinstall and fit the parts with precision.

The only real downside to DynaVap devices is the need for an external heat source compared to electronic devices, but the benefits are obvious. Less moving parts and a total lack of electronic components means less things to go wrong.

What do you think of our review? Do you own DynaVap devices? Let us know in the comments.

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