Artist Spends Year Alone In Forest Creating Organic Works Of Art

Sculptural artist Spencer Byles demonstrates his passion for creation in a very unique, organic way. Having spent every day for over a year by himself in the woods of La Colle Sur Loup, France, Byles created a plethora of mysterious and whimsical art installations through out the thick of the woods using nothing but organic materials from the immediate location of each piece piece.

“I had been making sculptures with found materials in forests at different times over 10 years, I felt I needed to concentrate on one large project and produce good quality photographs of each sculpture,” said Byles.

Having sought out the proper permissions, Byles began selecting the 20+ sites for his installations, choosing areas with unique traits and an abundance of natural materials. Seeing all of Byles installations would be virtually impossible with out a detailed map to guide the way as every site was created respectively with no correlation to the others. Each location is its own magical mystery for the wanderers of the forest to stumble upon.

“I work in a ‘living’ environment that’s constantly changing,” Byles stated. “You are witness to both the growing and dying back of all the plants and trees. It’s slow but the more time you spend in nature the more you recognise this constant movement.”


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