This Architect Has Designed The World’s Most Eco Friendly And Stunning Tree Houses Ever

Raimond de Hullu, an architect from the Netherlands, is combining nature and modern design to create the world’s most affordable, sustainable structures.

“We need a new building typology that goes beyond the usual technical sustainability,” he explained in an interview. “We need a 100% green concept, not only technically but visually as well, and which is desirable plus affordable at the same time.”

He envisions quite the community, doesn’t he? It’s a dream come true for any of us who dreamed of living in the trees as kids. All the building materials are reused and naturally, they’re powered by renewable energy.

“By separating the ownership of land and housing, this innovative approach prevents market factors from causing prices to rise significantly, and hence guarantees that housing will remain affordable for future generations.”

What do you think? Could you stand to live in a community like this? Let us know in the comments below!


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