The Profound Impact Sound, Vibration, and Frequency Have In our Daily Existence

Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” And indeed this is the case.  Just lookaround you and realize that what may to our immediate physical senses seem tobe a solid physical reality made of smaller and larger building blocks, isactually a  profoundly complex, yet fundamentally simple ocean ofvibration, harmonics, and resonance.

Everything we experience in this reality is one expression or another of the way sound and vibration play themselves out as an emanation of source energy. This is why music affects us so profoundly- it is of us and we are ofit, we are collections of sound waves and as integral notes in harmonicorchestra of all that is, certain sound frequencies resonate or vibrate withcertain parts of ourselves either preferred or not preferred.

The universal language of frequency and sound are also what account for much of how we create and experience our realities.  As vibrational beings, wenavigate our existence through the creative power of our thoughts and emotions,all of which are vibrational forms of information being signaled out into thevoid.

Therefore whateverwe are frequently thinking or saying will be a residual part of what we see inour reality.  On the flip side of that,by changing our own vibration through things that generate and allow forpositive emotions and thus well-being, we can steer our ship of consciousnessin another direction.

“Theknower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of thewhole universe.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

The science of cymatics- thevisual representation of the vibrational effect of sound on matter, is one ofthe most fascinating and intuitive explanations for the power of sound on ourreality.  The vibration of a singersvoice or of music in any form is applied to some medium- such as sound- on asurface which allows the transfer of vibration. The medium (like sand), once subjected to the sound, will thenreorganize itself in the patterns of the sound harmonics, revealing how thesound would look if we could see it with our physical eyes.

Amazing things have beendiscovered with cymatics such as famous spiritual mantras and tonesthat exactly cymatically translate to correlating mandalas and sacred imageryfrom the originating religion or culture.

This just goes to show us that we have apowerful ability to shapeshift our reality through sound and through vibrationin any form. Cymatics shows us that sounds which are inherently and intuitivelyharmonious, beautiful, and peaceful form beautiful and highly organizedpatterns.  This should tell us that the more in harmony we are with ourselves, the more harmonious our vibration is and the more beautiful of a reality we can create.

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