HOW TO SPOT A HIPPIE: Here are some Tips!

Hippie Spotting: Here’s your Guide

Hippie’s are the coolest type of people, they don’t have a care in the world, they live-off the grid and are the most fun-loving bunch under the sun.  As a bit of fun, here’s a guide to spotting one.

Namaste : The equivalent to saying “Hi Man, what’s Wobblin’?”
Bindis: A representation of the third-eye, but in most cases worn to present the illusion of being against the hierarchies set-up by monopolistic first-world governments.
Lennon Glasses: An external symbol for the Hippie philosophy, “Imagine all the people living life in peace…”
Dreads: Cause nothing screams anti-establishment as hair that doesn’t give a fuck about respectability.
Harmony: The aura of tranquillity drips off their faces, and from the peace emblems placed strategically for easy viewing.
Om: An omnipresent word, always seen hovering close to the members of this species.
Bands: A true hippie is always decked with headbands, wristbands, arm-bands, ankle-bands. Think of it, as fashionable ID tags.
Weed: A staple ‘food.’ Be on the lookout for ‘weed-holsters’. The quick-draw, one-handed roll is a source of constant astonishment for a non-member.
Organic: Wearing grass between the toes is testament to this trait.

Artwork by: Lane Worobjow