LSD Visual Simulations Made Possible With These New Sunglasses

These intriguing spectacles may look a little strange, but they are far more than a funny looking pair of glasses. Designed by Hungarian artist Bence Agoston, the ‘Mood Sunglasses’ have been created with the purpose simulating hallucinatory, visual experiences similar to those induced by LSD; but how would one begin to design such a thing?

The glasses come with six pairs of lens inserts, all uniquely based off Moiré patterns that filter either green, red, or blue light. The lenses can be layered together and rotated individually, resulting in new patterns and color combinations forming right before the eyes of the wearer.

“Because each color filters the incoming lights differently, and the patterns can overlap each other or leave blank fields, the new view is completely random and twisted,” said Agoston. “The ideal situation for use is during travel, when people listen to music, just looking out the window and watching the ever-changing sights, in perfect harmony with the music. The shape is designed with the aim of simplicity and distinctness, as if the wearer belongs to a kind of subculture.”