Flora Borsi – Stunning and Surreal Self-portraits with Various Animals

Flora Borsi is a Hungarian artist and photographer, she likes to create abstract and surreal photography.

In this new project, Flora created a series of  self-portraits with animals. Well, that doesn’t sound surreal at all, right? Well, her main goal for this project was to capture herself with various animals in a way that her one eye is replaced by the animal’s eye.

And she managed to do that in a remarkable fashion. Brilliant details, dreamlike colors and perfect composition are the three things that make this project a complete success. The way that Flora and the animals are fulfilling each other is simply astonishing. In a way, this fantastic series of photographs is telling us that we belong with the beasts in the animal kingdom and that we shouldn’t try so hard to separate from nature. After all, we humans are animals too.

The Blowfish.

Flora Borsii

Magnificent pigeon


The Goldfish


The mighty reptile


The graceful cat


The curious bunny


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