Ayahuasca and the Spirit of Colombia Photographed by Daniela Riojas

Multi-media artist and front-woman of Femina-X, Daniela Riojas is widely known for the stunning photographs she brings home from her spiritual adventures across the world. This collection resulted from her travels to Colombia in search of healing from the powerful plant medicine known as Ayahuasca.

Daniela documented her trip into various small towns on the outskirts of the barrios of Colombia and the spiritual mountains of Putumayo in-between ceremonies with the indigenous shaman of the area. Her photographs offer a rare glimpse inside the ceremony space, and the tightly-knit community pervading this sacred land.

We caught up with Daniela and Alex, guitarist of Femina-X and Pop Pistol, in a podcast not long after their safe arrival home to San Antonio, their current city of dwelling. The lengthy conversation consisted of the intimate details of each Ayahuasca ceremony and the new family that was forged during this taxing but transformational journey in a foreign land. Listen here.

Visit Daniela’s Website | Listen to Femina-X


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