Plant Power Forever

The art of healing comes from nature.

The power of the plant world is in us too, we have always been using herbs, fungus and plants, Archaeological evidence indicates that humans were using medicinal plants during the Paleolithic, approximately 60,000 years ago. We only started altering their growth methods about 6,000 years ago. In reflection the whole industrial food system began with fast food in the 1930’s. This in when we became so disconnected, before then plants weren’t the alternative, but the answer.

The more you work with plants the more you will pick up on their vibe – food, calories and medicine are all one. Most people today don’t even understand how bland their diet is, our gut need diversity from the soil, plants and bugs – you cannot live with out plants and a diverse supply of them!!!

Plants feed us information from the growth stage, through harvest and consumption, to elimination. Plants are conscious and give us the power to tap into our own consciousness. When our society is overwhelmed with emotional pain, opioids, alcohol and addictive food like substances we need to harness the plants power before everyone becomes chronically ill and disconnected.

Brain scans show that sugar is 8x more addictive then heroin, that one dose of Tylenol makes you feel less empathy and I am not even going to touch on the alcohol and opioid stats today (other then 29% of people prescribed them misuse them because anyone can become physically dependant in under two weeks). What I really want to tell you however is that, by consuming more plants – using them as food, medicine and in your personal care regime, you will free yourself of addiction and take your “Power Back”. Plants can help a lot of people with chronic pain – both physical / emotional, meaning more success with less side effects.

Stress and pain are both symptom of something more serious and plants allow us to identify the roots, while also providing our body everything we need to heal ourselves. Its still so strange to me that no doctor will tell you that you are the one who does the healing, that the body is intelligent and bonds with plants, that the plants allow us to unlock our true potential as human.

Here is a list of Elemental Growth favorites from this year

  1. Adaptogens: plants that help the body balance hormones and build resistance to physical, chemical and biological stress. These plants have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions. They include but not limited to: Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Ginseng, Astragalus, Cordyceps, Goji berry and Turmeric.
  2. Brain / Pain Meds: There are too many to list them all but these plants make amazing natural alternatives to depression medication and addictive pain relievers. Skullcap for anxiety, Kava as a pain killer, Vervain for stress, Chamomile for sleep, Cayenne for energy, Lemon Balm for happiness, St. John’s Wart for depression, Vanilla for memory, Feverfew for headaches and Willow for inflammation.
  3. Heart Herbs: Rose is the herb of love for good reason – its calming, soothing, is a beauty enhancer and opens our heart chakra so we may forgive more easily. In addition, Hawthorn is a good one to maintain heart function in those who are aging, Mother Wart is used to balance blood pressure and Linden is another one of those gentle and love bearing flowers.
  4. Beauty Alternatives: Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night and staying hydrated are both super important. Some other things to consider are making alternatives like these:
  5. Psychedelic Therapies: Yerba-Mate for energy, Cocoa for is brain-boosting properties, Cannabis for mood, food, and sleep, Jungle Tobacco for spiritual well-being, Coca for stomach issues, San Pedro to understand the world, Ayahuasca to understand the heavens and psilocybin to connect with collective consciousness.

There is a plant for every ailment, for any ill there is a plant available that will help you restore balance to you body, mind and spirit. There is a story behind every plant, a story they want to tell – its up to you to reconnect. As a species we are out of our natural rhythm. Indigenous people had flow, but today were in an over stimulating and artificial world. This time of the year is designed to help you reach your goals, so take the time to start your new year right, I invite you to dive in my friend!!!

Check in with yourself: What’s the status of bacteria in and on you? How diverse is your diet? The difference could be the key to why you are sick. What I am saying is that wild food and wild environments are the key to us thriving as a species – this means lots of wild plants.  

What does Plant Power mean to you? What plants have harmed you? What plants have helped you? What next steps could you take to use more plants? Let me know by emailing me [email protected]

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