Dakini festival sends you to the roots of Goa Trance, on the beaches of Anjuna in Goa

Anjuna Beach was discovered sometime back in the 1960’s by the group of travelers who used to party hart at this point during the dry season.

Anjuna beach is well known for the full moon parties. The trance party with the dance, music, fun and frolic all through the night besides the fire attract the tourists from all over the world. Good old Anjuna has been a stalwart of the hippie scene since the 1960s and still drags out the sarongs and sandalwood each Wednesday (in season) for its famous flea market. Walking through Anjuna flea market, you can even spot veterans from the hippie generation mixed in with the modern day backpackers.

Electronic music started to find its way to Goa and these parties in the late 80s, and so it became the cradle to the movement we know these days as Goa Trance that emerged in Goa in the 90s (see our article about it here.) later developed into psytrance and all its broad sub-genres, and more important to the psychedelic culture that is manifested till today around the globe when millions of people gather together in small parties and huge festivals to dance together.

From Tuzla to Anjuna

If you are you dreaming about getting to the place that influenced the shaping of Goa Trance, Dakini Festival can send you from the Romanian Black Sea coastline, to the roots of Goa Trance, on the beaches of Anjuna in Goa, the most popular destination for hippies.

All you have to do is to buy a ticket to Dakini Festival 2018 edition, and join the competition on Dakini website: https://dakinifestival.com/concurs-goa/

On June 1st, 2018 Dakini will find out who is the lucky winner that will experience the authentic Goa sounds! Sending you Good luck Vibes!