Sibiu – Transylvaliens Festival – Do you believe ?

Transylvaliens is a transformational festival focused on celebrating diversity through music, arts and culture. The psytrance community meets yearly and spends four wonderfully warm summer days in the heart of Transylvania’s astonishing nature scenery.

For 2016 we have worked a lot to bring you an amazing line-up, featuring more than 40 live acts and DJs, with music for every moment of the day and night.

The line-up has been carefully selected to create a musical story, a journey that starts on the 26th of July and ends on the 31st.

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We welcome you to the global Alien family to meet new and exciting people, dance together under the summer sky, relax in the sun, heal and meditate in the moonlight or just disconnecting from your everyday life.

Food stall

We want to offer quality food at affordable prices to all the aliens, so if you think that you can help us out we’d love to hear from you. For more details about the selection criteria and application forms click here.


Market stall

Transylvaliens Festival is a place that supports fairies, aliens, artists, craftsmen, magicians and their inspiring creations from all around the world.

Photo & media

We welcome aliens with professional photo & media experience.


Volunteers are an important part of making this festival happen. We are looking for proactive people who want to be involved in the activities before and during the gathering.

Workshops & art

It is said that performance art consists of four elements: time, space, body, and audience-performer relationship. When you explore your body, voice and mind there are no limits and rules. You could be a fire bender, a marvelous magician, a theater enthusiast, a fantastic dancer, a body painter or just have a unique talent or gift that you would like to share with the alien family. We would love to hear your story and admire your project!


Running a festival is a costly endeavor, so we embrace sponsors and partners that can help us keep this event affordable for all the aliens in the world. We are very committed to our values and views so we expect that our partners share them. We are looking for ethical, community responsible, environmentally friendly, fair trade organizations and people whose ultimate purpose is to have a positive impact. If you believe that your visions and values coincide with ours we would love to hear from you.

Before the Festival

Click here to view important information regarding the preparation for and travel to the festival. We have put together a complete checklist so you will have the best possible experience at Transylvaliens.

Your Stay Here

Check out important information regarding your stay on the festival. This includes information about setting yourself up, safety and our „leave no trace” festival policy.

After the Festival

At the end of the four days, you will continue your journey to another event or to return to your regular activities. Here are the necessary instructions for the departure to your next destination and some additional information on opportunities to explore the surroundings and making the most of your time in Transylvania and in Romania.

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Donate to a worthy cause

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