‘Australian Banksy’ Emerges With Gigantic Optical Illusion

There is something indescribable about a well-executed piece of street art. As opposed to a work of art presented in a gallery or studio setting, street art imparts a new sensation entirely as it melds with everyday objects and surroundings to achieve its purpose. A truly thoughtful piece is able convey messages and feelings to the masses of the common public rather than hang peacefully in a museum for patrons to glance at.

Australian street artist Fintan Magee has successfully stunned Belgium residents with the piece that he created for North West Walls titled Moving the Pointless Monument. To the unaware, the stack of cargo tanks appears to be a confusing, skewed painting of some sort. From the right angle, however, the carefully calculated imagery comes together to reveal a giant a wearing a hard hat and carrying what appears to be a cube of stalactites as he walks across the landscape. Magee’s work has many people referring to him as “the Australian Banksy,” though his work has an undeniable originality and voice of its own.

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H/T: CityLab

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