5 Fascinating Facts About CBD Oil for Dogs You Didn’t Know

CBD oil can be highly beneficial for people, and just as good for our furry friends! Here are five facts about CBD oils for dogs you probably didn't know.

You’ve heard of the benefits of CBD oil for yourself, but did you know that there are CBD oils for dogs

That’s right, you can help your dog with anxiety, stress, and even appetite just with something as simple as a treat infused with CBD. If you’re new to the CBD game, read on to see what you might be able to help your dog overcome. 

CBD Oils For Dogs

Let’s dig right into five ailments these oils might be able to help your dog with. These are just a few of the things CBD oils can help with, if you are curious about a specific ailment not listed on this, please contact your vet for more info. 

1. CBD Without the THC – Relaxation

First, let’s start with the most common question, “will CBD get my dog high“? 

No, CBD oils for dogs do not contain the THC compound that carries the stereotypical high. Without the THC compound, your pooch will only experience the relaxation that CBD oils can offer. 

Along with relaxation, dogs can get relief from all types of anxiety. Whether they get anxious from storms, visitors or separation while you’re away, the CBD oils can help them. 

2. Epilepsy and Seizures

CBD oils can be given to your pet to help reduce the effects of epilepsy and seizures. In some cases, it can completely eliminate them. 

There are prescriptions given to dogs for these medical conditions, but the risks to their liver and the side effects associated are usually too high for comfort. Since CBD is naturally derived from a plant, it is much easier on the body of your beloved pet. 

Just look at this amazing study done on children with drug-resistant epilepsy. 84% of these children had a significant decrease in the frequency of their seizures.

3. Pain Relief

One thing we hate seeing as pet owners is our sweet pupper in pain. CBD oils can help reduce pain associated with injury or old age. For any of these ailments, you can purchase dog treats with CBD oils added, or you can get a dropper bottle with the CBD oil. 

Either way, your dog will greatly appreciate the help, and you will definitely see a positive difference. 

4. Helps Nausea

If your dog gets a cold or maybe eats something they shouldn’t, they can experience an upset stomach and nausea. CBD oil can help reduce that and even encourage eating. 

We’ve all heard that marijuana can stimulate excessive eating. CBD oils are different in that they don’t give you the high, and they encourage a healthy appetite. 

5. Inflammation Caused by IBD

Irritable Bowel Disease in dogs can be terrible for the pet and for the owner. The dog can sometimes have accidents in the home that they can’t control. The use of CBD oils can help your dog find relief from the inflammation that causes these accidents.

In addition to reducing the inflammation, the CBD oil can help stimulate an appetite for your dog again. IBD has a tendency to make a dog shy away from eating because of the discomfort they experience.

If this is something you and your dog are suffering with, give CBD oils a try. 

Try CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oils for dogs can really be a life changer for you and your favorite four-legged friend. Giving them a better quality of life will not only make them happier but will help you feel happier as well. 

Try out CBD oil in several different forms, including in treats and in dropper bottles where you can give your own dosage. 

If you’d like to learn more about CBD and all of the components related to it, check out a few of our other blog posts. We cover everything from CBD in skincare to dosage tips.

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