3 Signs You are Becoming Your Greatest Version

The movement of consciousness is, in my opinion, all about sinking into the authority we have inside; recognizing ourselves as the guru,trusting that inner voice.  On our journey of self-actualizing, soul embodiment, true-self unveiling, we have many helpers along the way who serve as reminders and reflections of our light.  These include spiritual luminaries and teachers like Abraham-Hicks, Teal Swan or Ralph Smart for instance.  “Become your greatest version” is one of my favorite affirmations from Infinite Waters: Diving Deep.  So as we continue on this beautiful journey of life, what are some signs we are embodying our greatest or highest aspect of self?  Here are 3:

1)     You Wakeup Excited: Let’s face it, when we are plugged into the matrix, going byevery day like a drone, waking up is just another task leading to just another monotonous,exhausting, and boring day.  When we aren’tspending our precious energy following the call of our own greatest excitement,how can we expect to feel brilliant waking up every day? Dragging our feet,wishing for 10 more minutes before the alarm…this is no way to live.  And this is why waking up happy, waking upfeeling alive, waking up feeling excited and glad to be here, this is a topsign you are becoming your greatest version.

2)     You NoLonger Feel the Need to Argue with People: When we aren’t happy withourselves, we will externalize that dissatisfaction onto others.  This means a lot of arguing andbickering.  We are arguing as anexpression of living through our opinions rather than from our heart.  We feel the need to prove we are right.  We need arguing as a distraction. Once webegin to embody who we really are, the need for constant arguing passes awayand we find more peace within the self.

3)     You ValueYourself Completely: Once you stop resisting who you really are, you becomeyour top priority because you understand and feel deep within yourself, thatwhen you are happy, satisfied, well, and fully embodied, you will reflect themost harmonious reality. In other words, when you are valuing you and making yourselffeel great, you will begin to notice that progressively you see that reflectionin others and the world around you. Your happiness benefitsall because you areall. Reality flows from the self.

What other signs of self-embodiment have you experienced?

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