Zeus Arc GTS, Zeus Hub and Arcpods Review

We introduce you the brand new Zeus Arc GTS, the Zeus ArcPods, and the magnificent home base for your Zeus Arsenal products, the Zeus Hub.

A long-awaited moment has finally arrived! A lot of new products are coming out every week in the cannabis market. It is hard to keep up with all of them at once, but we want to keep you up to date on the most interesting new cannabis products that are coming out. The latest addition to the Zeus Arsenal line of dry herb vaporizers, the Zeus Arc GTS Hub, has been officially launched.

For a long time now, Zeus has been known for its excellent vaporizers. As a result, the quality of the vaporizers has steadily improved with each release. When it comes to high-quality vaporizers and accessories, Canadian company Zeus Arsenal has made significant strides.

The Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer

With the same gold vapor path and gold chamber as its predecessor, the Zeus Arc GT, some incredible improvements have been made to the device. Shortly put, the most recent release provides everything you need for a successful session.

Zeus Arc GTS
The Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer

The new mouthpiece has been redesigned to reduce the surface area exposed to the vapor path, and the vapor quality remains pure and unaffected. The airpath is now protected from silicone and plastic by a zirconia shield cover.

Also, the mouthpiece is now secured by strong magnets and is made of medical-grade plastic rather than silicone.

Because of the Arc GTS gold-lined components, your material will heat up quickly, but the vapor will cool down almost instantly. Considering the Arc GTS is a conduction-based device with a flat mouthpiece, this is impressive.

The Zeus Arc GTS produces incomparably high-quality clouds and it is noticeably better than the older Zeus Arc GT in terms of the quality of the vapor, and the ease of use of the device.

For the best vapor quality, we recommend using the Zeus Iceborn accessory for your vaporizer.

The Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer
The Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer

In terms of battery life, the Zeus Arc GTS has a 3500mAh battery and it easily provides 90 minutes of continuous use (around 4 to 7 sessions). The Arc GTS has an accelerometer that detects when it is being used and turns it off after 30 seconds to save battery life. If you shake the device, the LED strip will show the current battery level.

The Zeus Arc GTS has three preset temperature settings rather than full digital temperature control. The default settings are 205°C (401°F), 215°C (419°F), and 225 °C (437°F). To tweak settings, users must download the Zeus Arc firmware update and connect their devices via USB.

Zeus Arc GTS – Inside the Box

  • Zeus Arc GTS
  • Gold Flow Sink Tool
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • 5x Zeus Purify Grime Wipes
  • 5x Zeus Purify Bristle Cleaners
  • Instruction Manual
  • Premium Aromatherapy Accessory

When you open the Arc GTS vape, there is a lovely high-quality plastic wrap that comes off from the top. This made the unboxing process a little more enjoyable.

The Zeus GTS Hub

This is where you put your vaped herb after you’ve used it.

Additionally, as the third generation of the GT line, the Hub includes the Xtruder to aid in the grinding process as well as ArcPods to keep the session clean and organized, intended to make cannabis consumption as seamless as possible.

To put it simply, the Hub is a premium storage container for the Arc GTS device, which comes with a number of interesting items:

  • Zeus Xtruder
  • x 15 ArcPods
  • x 45 ArcPod lids
  • Carry case
  • Instruction Manual
The Zeus GTS Hub
The Zeus GTS Hub

Zeus ArcPods

ArcPods are capsules that hold approximately 0.3g of weed and can be pre-filled and popped into the oven.

ArcPods are made specifically for the GTS vaporizer, in order to modernize the chamber-loading process. These devices are classified as third generation vaporizers due to their ease of loading and unloading. Also, the ArcPods reduce cleaning time significantly.

In order to quickly heat up the dry herb inside, each ArcPod is made of aluminum, which is very efficient. Whether used with pods or not, the Arc GTS delivers terpene-rich and dense vapor.


The Xtruder makes the grinding and loading process much easier. The third-generation GT set includes the new Zeus Xtruder, designed to help grind up to 0.3g of dry herb directly into the Arcpods, while the Arc GTS lets you enjoy a simple roast. Along with the perfect grind, the Xtruder ejects each ArcPod when it reaches its maximum capacity.

First, the herb must be ground, but after that, each pod takes about 10 or 12 seconds to load.

Final words

The Arc GTS is another reliable, well-performing device from Zeus Arsenal. It provides excellent vapor quality with no compromises, and it’s incredibly simple to use.

When paired with the Hub, the GTS becomes one of the most convenient devices on the market. Having everything you need from start to finish in one place makes the Arc GTS Hub a truly remarkable product. If you’re looking to make your sessions as painless as possible, the ArcPods and Xtruder are a great match.

You can buy the Zeus Arc GTS Hub from our friends at TVape store (France, UK, EU, Vapocity), which supplied our review sample.

If you have questions about our Zeus Arc GTS Hub review, drop us a comment below.

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