Why CBD Might Not Be Working For You

Understanding some of these factors will change your general perception of CBD products, the mode of delivery, and how they definitely react with your body.

“Is CBD a scam?” “I tried using CBD products, but I can’t get the benefits that people claim.” These statements might sound familiar to you. Advocates of CBD claim that it can help contain several ailments such as insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures, to mention a few. You may have used CBD religiously aiming to relieve one of the above ailments, but you end up disappointed. You may have also met people who praise CBD for helping them overcome various medical conditions. The following are some of the reasons why CBD is not working for you

Quality of CBD you are using is questionable

The popularity of CBD is both a good and bad thing. People can now benefit from these products, and civic education is also spreading. We now have over-the-counter as well as online vendors that sell CBD products. However, some of these products do not have the recommended level of CBD that will enable consumers to benefit. The fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is yet to approve any non-prescription products makes it even harder to regulate.

Some scammers are thus selling adulterated products that find their way into the market. A research done on 84 CBD products proved that only 31% of the products contained the quantity of CBD as described on the packaging. There are several approaches that you can use to check the quality of CBD products and ensure that you are not duped. Read customer reviews, use reputable brands, and look for evidence from independent 3rd party labs.

Wrong delivery system

The doctor can give you an injection, tablets, or even do physical therapy depending on the ailment and results that he targets when you are sick. There are different forms of CBD products depending on the target results. Some of the most common forms of CBD products are vape oils, topical creams, tinctures, edibles (chocolate and gummies), and capsules.

Bioavailability, the amount of CBD that gets into your bloodstream, is one of the factors that determine the choice of the delivery approach. For instance, when you use CBD gummies, the amount of CBD that gets into your stream might be lower than expected as they have to go through your digestive tract. Vaping is one of the most effective ways of taking CBD products because the product does not go through the liver to come into contact with the bloodstream. Getting the right vaporizer is crucial when you want to get the desired results. PAX 3 vape is a good example that considers the needs of every user.

It needs time to build up in your system

The CBD sector has a long way to go until it gets the attention and support that it deserves. Research in this sector is still not enough to highlight on areas such as dosage. The level of absorption of CBD depends on biochemistry, metabolism, and genetics. Every individual has a unique biological composition that determines how one reacts with CBD products. You may need to find your ‘sweet spot’ by experimenting with different dosages. However, it is recommended that you start low and increase dosages with time. You can record the dosages that you take may be in a month, and how you feel during that period. You can then take a different dosage in the second month and note down if there are any changes.

You are not patient

Reading success stories of overcoming ailments from different patients who use different CBD products on the internet can instill hopes. However, some will not indicate that the results are not near-instant from some of the chronic ailments. Some treatments, like pain relief, might not take long. However, some people take weeks or even months before the positive benefits of CBD products start to be seen or felt. CBD products are not designed to work like normal medications. It would be best if you had the commitment and patience to experience the longterm effects of CBD products. You can also change to a new brand if you note that you do not get the desired results after some months. Your journal entries come in handy as they will help you determine when you need to make the change.

Understanding some of the above factors will change your general perception of CBD products, the mode of delivery, and how they definitely react with your body. It is important to note that CBD regulations for medical marijuana is still a work-in-progress. Do not expect to get immediate results when taking CBD, especially for medical reasons.

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