In Pain? 7 Benefits of CBD Cream for Pain

CBD cream is not just for making sure your skin is moisturized. Keep reading for in pain? 7 benefits of CBD cream for pain.

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. That’s over 20% of the population. Clearly, a lot of people are in near constant pain around the country. However, as you know, pain doesn’t have to be a chronic condition to be debilitating. We all suffer aches and pains every now and again. And it’s never fun.

Regardless of the source, pain makes it hard to sleep, focus, go about your day and generally function as you would normally. It’s natural to seek pain-relief when it’s an issue.

Enter CBD cream. This natural solution is a known and well-reputed alternative means of getting rid of the pain. The benefits don’t stop there though. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of using CBD cream for pain.

What is CBD Cream?

Let’s take a quick look at what CBD cream actually is.

First, CBD itself. What is it? Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of well over 100 cannabinoids (a natural chemical compound) found in the cannabis plant. That’s right, good old-fashioned weed coming to the rescue.

Don’t worry though, CBD is totally legal. Well, unless there’s THC in play too (another well-known cannabinoid that’s used for its psychoactive effects and that’s still illegal in most states…for now).

Cannabidiol is becoming increasingly well-known and popular around the country. It’s totally natural and comes with all manner of positive effects. It’s an anxiety-relieving, de-stressing, digestive-aiding, anti-cancer, and anti-psychotic marvel…that also relieves pain.

What of CBD cream then? Well, it’s exactly what you might expect it to be: cream plus CBD extract. Don’t be confused with the oil though. Both reduce pain. Just in different ways. You take CBD oil sublingually, whereas the cream is a topical solution.

7 Advantages of Using CBD Cream for Pain

CBD is great for relieving pain. Here’s why using it in cream form is a great decision.

1. Localized Effect

As we’ve already noted, CBD cream is a topical solution that’s applied to a particular location.

All those immense pain-relieving benefits go directly to the problem. It gets to work immediately where it’s needed most. That’s important. After all, you could take CBD oil instead. However, this enters the bloodstream and consequently works in a more holistic manner. Any anxiety and stress get treated at the same time!

In essence, the pain-relieving impact is somewhat diluted. As a cream, you get more pain-relieving bang for your buck, via concentrated treatment.

2. Quick and Long-Lasting

The best CBD cream will work quickly and provide relief for a long time.

That’s good news for anyone in considerable pain. This analgesic has known anti-inflammatory effects, making it ideal for conditions such as arthritis, bowel disease, allergies, and auto-immune diseases.

Topical application of CBD cream is scientifically proven to reduce the inflammation. Pain is effectively reduced as a result. However, be sure to try it on whatever form of pain you’re experiencing.

3. Support Skin Conditions

CBD creams are versatile solutions.

Alongside their function as pain treatment, they can also support a wide assortment of common skin conditions. Think eczema, psoriasis and skin infections. Obviously, many skin conditions are painful in their own right. The cream helps to soothe the area and, again, reduce any inflammation that exists.

Furthermore, try it on rashes and burns too. It’s soothing and protective nature will have help reduce the pain and irritation of both.

4. Contains Essential Oils

CBD cream often has additional essential oils that offer their own unique, complementary health benefits. Essential oils have been used for centuries to support our well-being. Combined with CBD, these creams pack powerful medicinal qualities to treat and soothe all manner of ailments.  

5. No Nasty Side-Effects

What do you usually do when pain strikes? Most people pop a pill of some description. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are popular choices. For severe pain, you might take something more powerful, such as co-codamol. Indeed, people with chronic pain are often on even stronger drugs, such as morphine.

However, drugs (especially the stronger ones) can have a host of nasty side-effects. On the milder side of things, you might feel sleepy and lethargic. But you might also experience nausea, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, and muscle cramps. CBD cream has the same positive, pain-relieving impact, with none of the side effects.

6. No Risk of Addiction

Strong pain-killers can also become addictive. It’s another nasty side-effect. You get effective pain-relief, but get hooked on the drug in the process. Some drugs are more addictive than others, but you can develop a habit on ‘lighter’ medication too (such as codeine).

That’s why it’s so important to be careful when taking traditional medications. They can make a bad situation worse. Thankfully, CBD cream doesn’t have these addictive qualities. You can use the cream as often as required and never become reliant on it. Here are some DIY dosing tips for CBD nonetheless.

7. You can DIY

Here’s another added bonus of CBD cream:

You can make it for yourself, at home. The process can take a bit of time and effort, but the results are totally worth it. You’ll save yourself some money too!

All the ingredients can be found in the local store (try a health-food store if anything is missing from the supermarket). Generally speaking, you take some high-CBD (decarboxylated) cannabis, a bunch of oil, beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils, melt it all down and mix it all together. But that won’t quite cut the mustard. Here’s a better (and proper) way to do it.

Time to Wrap Up

There you have it: 7 key benefits of CBD cream for pain. Pain is a debilitating experience that saps the enjoyment from life. Unfortunately, it’s a daily burden for millions of Americans around the country.

Thankfully, there are products out there that can help. CBD cream is one of them. This handy topical solution boasts a whole host of positive effects (especially compared to tradition pain-relief options).

Hopefully, this piece has persuaded you of its value! If you’re currently struggling with any aches, discomfort, or soreness, why not give it a go? We hope it makes a difference!

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