Water Soluble CBD and Its Benefits

Dive into the world of what water-soluble CBD with our guide.

The demand of CBD-infused products is increasing day-by-day. It is known to everyone for its medicinal value and health benefits. The positive effects of CBD are numerous—reduced anxiety, improvement in inflammation, prevention from serious diseases, relief from chronic pain and insomnia, better mood, and relaxed mind. 

Since CBD industry is growing by leaps and bounds this year, it is also experimenting on CBD and introducing new and better ways to benefit more people across America. The newest research in the CBD world is water-soluble CBD.  

Yes, it is being considered by the experts as a better alternative to CBD intake. One reason for the same is that water-soluble CBD absorbs more quickly and easily in the human body than CBD-oils, tinctures and other traditional products. 

If you haven’t heard about water-soluble CBD, well, read on and learn about what, why and how of it. 

What is water-soluble CBD?

Have you heard of that expression, “water and oil don’t mix?” Well, you know where it’s going.  If CBD oil and tinctures can provide such great health benefits, imagine what a CBD product without oil would do to you.  Here’s what—replace ‘great’ with ‘extraordinary’ in the above sentence. 

Our bodies are made of 60% water, so when you take in water-soluble CBD, it is released directly into your bloodstream without having to pass through the digestive system, which flushes out almost 70% of the CBD oil, which is made from some type of emulsifier, such as vegetable glycerin. The direct release of CBD in your body also increases its bioavailability. 

As per the studies, taking CBD-oil orally only has 6% bioavailability in comparison with smoking CBD which takes it to 31%. Now, imagine the positive effects of taking water-soluble CBD that will show on your body, since its bioavailability is close to 96%. You will heal at a faster rate and who knows, with time, more benefits of the same might be discovered. 

To put it simply, water-soluble CBD is made to dissolve in water, which in this case, is your body. 

How is water-soluble CBD made?

It is produced through a process known as nanotechnology.  It is related with the building things with the help of atoms and molecules.  Nanotechnology is currently considered to be the best method in creating water-soluble CBD products. The process involves collecting sound waves to break CBD into micro-sized particles. 

CBD is broken down droplets measuring 10-100 nanometers. This tiny CBD particles can mixed readily with water.  As a result, 100% of its compounds are mixed with water and thereby, easily absorbed by the human body. No prizes for guessing, it will maximize the health benefits and medicinal value of CBD in human beings. 

The process of making water-soluble CBD can be done through both chemical and natural ways. It can be anyone’s guess that natural way is the more preferred method of making water-soluble CBD. The best way to do that is by combining the product with curcumin, a component found in turmeric, which is water-soluble in every sense of the word.  There are still researches and experiments going on in the industry to bring out better, more improved results in the world of CBD. 

Benefits of water-soluble CBD 

Water-soluble CBD is more effective and affordable as compared to other CBD products made from oil. Apart from that, there are more benefits provided by water-soluble CBD than CBD oils and tinctures. Let’s find out more about them. 

  1. Water-soluble CBD offers a higher concentration of bioavailability. There is not a single CBD product available in the market that has more bioavailability than water-soluble CBD. It is non-emulsified in nature. This means that more CBD is released in your system and it stays there unlike CBD oil which flushes out. 
  2. Water-soluble CBD products act faster than any other CBD item available in the world. By faster, it means it will heal diseases and disorders faster than any other CBD product right now. 
  3. It can be effortlessly added to the beverages and mixed well, better than CBD oil. Plus, it is translucent. So, can be added to any drink, including water, which can make your workout routine better. 
  4. It is used in small quantity as compared to other CBD products. Clearly, it is more efficient and also saves you money since you don’t need a lot of it and its benefits pay off pretty well. 
  5. Finally, no prices for guessing that it is directly released into your bloodstream and magnifies all the health benefits provided by CBD oil. 

There are also numerous health benefits of water-soluble CBD, yes, more than the CBD oil. Clearly, it is more efficient when infused with H20 of your body, which apparently, can heal more serious disease and other body problems. Nonetheless, below are some of the health benefits of water-soluble CBD.

  • Epileptic seizures
  • Inflammation 
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Psychosis
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • PTSD
  • Chronic anxiety and depression 
  • Migraine (even the chronic ones)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Other mental and physical disorders 

There are still studies going on to maximize the benefits of water-soluble CBD  and it is believed that with time, more advantages and healing traits will come on the surface. This helps both, people and CBD industry in incredible ways.

What do experts have to say about it?

Ronan Levy, a chief strategy officer at one of the best biotech companies in the world, truly believes that water-soluble cannabinoids can and will change the cannabis beverage market. 

Dr. Stuart Titus at thecannabisradar, a veteran in healthcare and cannabis industry, says:

“It’s an interesting concept because CBD itself is not exactly water soluble. Oil and water don’t really mix too terribly well. However, what you can do with CBD is to nano-size it, which would make it, what we call, water-dispersible.

This could be an isolated form of CBD that will then be made nano-sized and you’re not able to detect particles in the water so it does look like it’s water-soluble. A more correct term might be to call it water dispersible.”

There are quite a lot of research going in the industry to find out more about water-soluble CBD products, in a way, that will create a massive boom in the CBD industry. 


Water-soluble CBD might be new in the industry but it is surely a true and tested method and will outshine CBD oil and tincture, with time. Since water-soluble CBD is more advanced and effective in nature, it won’t come as a surprise if water-soluble CBD will completely replace other CBD items currently available in the market. You can buy CBD water or water-soluble products online or some chose cannabis-store.

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