The Top CBD Flowers Cannabis Connoisseurs Are Buying

Learn which CBD flower strains are garnering the attention of cannabis connoisseurs nationwide.

CBD has been around for a few years now, but many cannabis lovers still treat hemp products with disdain. Frequently overpriced and underperforming, CBD products have historically been used to make as much money as possible at the expense of the consumer.

Finally, however, an honest, affordable CBD product category has come to the fore. Cannabis flower remains the most popular way to enjoy THC, so it’s only natural that hemp flower would become the top method for experiencing non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD.

In most cases, CBD flower is similarly priced to THC flower, and some hemp flower growers make products that are just as high-quality as the best top-shelf weed nugs in recreational marijuana states. Learn which CBD flower strains are garnering the attention of cannabis connoisseurs nationwide.

Why CBD flower?

There’s a reason that weed nugs remain more popular than THC-infused edibles, tinctures, and the like. Inhaling active ingredients offers effects that are more immediate and potent than oral ingestion, and cannabis flower provides an increased variety of effects based on the unique properties of each strain.

For years, CBD producers were afraid to offer hemp flower directly even though they used these non-intoxicating nugs to make their products. Due to both a major cultural shift and recent pieces of legislation, the CBD flower market has opened up substantially over a relatively short period of time, allowing certain producers to build lasting empires for themselves based on quality and customer satisfaction.

Best CBD flower strains

Some CBD flower on the market is little different from the same low-grade hemp that has been available from China and Europe for years. In some cases, CBD manufacturers even go so far as to spray their nugs with CBD isolate to improve the pitiful cannabinoid percentage of their products.

CBD Balms are available for purchase legally in the United Kingdom and in many other European countries.

At the same time, however, there are certainly a few purists among the CBD flower producers who have popped out of the woodwork over the last 24 months or so. Relying on good breeding and excellent cultivation techniques rather than shady tactics that reduce quality, these CBD flower companies are paving the way toward a truly dynamic hemp market.

Due to harsh competition, a focus on transparency, and impressive breeding techniques, two popular CBD flower strains have emerged as the best that the industry has to offer. Let’s get acquainted:

Papaya Nights

Did you know that you can experience the overpowering rush of Sativa without getting high? The distinct effects of Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant cannabis strains aren’t actually caused by cannabinoids—they’re caused by terpenes, the non-intoxicating aromatic oils that give cannabis its unique flavors and scents.

Papaya Nights is a prime example of top-shelf, non-intoxicating cannabis that mimics the best that recreational marijuana states have to offer. The only difference is the dominant cannabinoid, and, of course, the fact that CBD flower ships to all 50 states.

Lanky and fruity like a true Sativa, CBD-rich Papaya Nights is also so fully studded with crystals that it looks like a non-intoxicating blizzard just ripped through town. Hundreds of consumers have tried Papaya Nights before you—follow the trend and find out just how rewarding CBD-rich cannabis flower can be.

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a newly-bred strain that mimics some of the most desirable traits of top-shelf THC sativas. With an overpowering sour candy aroma, this strain delights your tongue the moment that you inhale your Sour Space Candy in smoke or vapor form.

Even though you won’t get high, you might find yourself staring at the Sour Space Candy nugs you have leftover after a few hits. With hints of neon green and blue, this strain is simply so beautiful that it deserves a spot on even the most dedicated THC smoker’s stash shelf.

A new type of cannabis for a more enlightened age

You don’t have to get high to open your mind. Sometimes, getting the chance to simply sit back and smell the roses is all you need to find your inner Zen. As we move toward a more enlightened age, gentler, subtler approaches are required to opening the human mind to the limitless vistas of experience that unfold before us.

The recent evolution of cannabis into non-intoxicating cannabinoids should spur a similar evolution inside of you. If you still enjoy the effects of THC, nobody is stopping you from indulging. Finally, however, millions of consumers enjoy getting high as an option, not a requirement, when using cannabis.

CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and the other non-intoxicating cannabinoids each offer something unique compared to THC. The cannabis pantheon is expanding, and you should use the two CBD flower strains we’ve described above to expand your mind along with it.

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