Top 4 CBD Products That Psychedelic People Love

People seem to really love those four CBD products while tripping and we recommend that people who love psychedelics try CBD for some of the most enjoyable types of experiences imaginable.

There are an insane amount of CBD brands and products available on the market these days, and with so many companies competing over your business it can be hard to know who you can trust. Fortunately the CBD community works together to weed out any bad seeds and inform each other when a CBD brand is awesome or shouldn’t be trusted. According to the huge community of CBD users on the web, and our personal experience, you can trust CBDfx when buying tinctures, creams, vapes, or any of their other amazing products. It’s nice to know that companies like this, who look out for their customers and make truly quality products, still exist.

Today we are going to talk about some of the awesome CBD products that people who are on psychedelics love. Whether you are the micro dosing silicon valley business guru type, or just a chill person who loves to go on a hero’s journey through the cosmos from time to time, you’ll love what we have in-store for you. These CBD products have proven to be a trippy treat for anyone trying to open their third eye and time after time our friends, families, and comrades in psychedelic chaos have recommended these to their friends, families, pets, furniture, and doorways.

First let me open with a story about the cold afternoon I tried psychedelics and the first time I enjoyed CBD while on psychedelics. It’s the same story so hold on tight and prepare to be completely befuddled at the amazing combinations you are soon to be made aware of. The story of my discovering the majesty of CBD while on psychedelics is a bold one. A daring tale that should not be taken lightly nor recreated in any sense of the word, though you should definitely try the super sweet combinations I ended up trying.

My story begins in the lower eastside of manhattan one dark and snowy morning. The sun was just beginning to rise as I rolled out of the strange bed I woke up in. “How did I get here? And who are all these people?” My head spun with questions and confusion. I quickly put my pants on and headed for the door. As my hand grasped the door knob a deep, booming voice came from the next room that sounded like a giant speaking through the clouds. “Looking for your shirt daddy?” I brushed it off and quickly continued out the door. The winter wind felt like it was cutting my skin as I rushed to the subway, and then home to Brooklyn to get some more clothes on. 

My buddy Julio had gotten a hold of some psychedelic mushrooms and asked if I would like to day trip in central park. I of course jumped at the offer, having never done mushrooms, but having had the desire for quite some time. Julio knew about as much as I did about mushrooms which was very little. The person he had acquired the mushrooms from recommended that Julio and I each take ten grams or so just to start. The mushrooms were very dry and tasted a bit like french fries. It seemed to take forever to eat them and I started to question the amount. I wasn’t sure if we were eating too much or too little, so Julio and I just kept eating them. After what seemed like forever, Julio and I finished the twenty-five gram bag of dried mushrooms that he had acquired. It was a little more than Julio’s friend had recommended but we both really wanted to experience tripping, so we figured that it was better to go over than under.

After about thirty minutes it hit us like a ton of bricks. My face melted into a dress and then spilled on the floor. I couldn’t speak or walk like I normally would. I was basically stuck being a melted puddle of dress until I got a very rude awakening. Apparently whilst I was turning into a dress and melting to the ground, Julio thought it would be a good idea to take off all of his clothes to get some fresh air. Julio was quickly subdued by park security and was held prisoner until the police arrived. I knew that if I just remained a puddle of dress on the ground the police would never suspect me of being on psychedelics. 

So that’s exactly what I did. I laid on the ground, a puddle in my mind, and made the deep grunting sounds that any puddle would. The police had me figured out. “Hey! Puddles don’t grunt!” I heard one police officer shout. “That dress puddle is a boy!” Shouted another. The jig was up. I quickly made splashing noises in an attempt to mask my mistake but my cover was blown. I jumped to my feet and ran as fast as I could. 

I figured the secret was out that I wasn’t actually a puddle and I needed a place to hide. The bus station seemed like a logical place to disappear, so I made my way there and bought a ticket to California. I ran to search for the nearest subway station, got confused by a sandwich shop with a similar name, and eventually made my way home to brooklyn where I packed for my big move. I picked up my heavy bags, kissed my cats goodbye, and left to finally be a free boy. 

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Upon arriving at the bus station a man with a variety of delicious CBD products asked if I wanted to have some fun. I said yes, and he let me try a CBD vape, a CBD gummy, some CBD lotion and a few drops from his CBD pet tincture. People seem to really love those four CBD products while tripping and we recommend that people who love psychedelics try CBD for some of the most enjoyable types of experiences imaginable.

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