Personal Story: Ibogaine For Help With Anxiety And Depression

Just over a week ago I took a flood dose of ibogaine TA extract for psycho-spiritual purposes, as well as in the hopes that it might help with the depression and anxiety I have struggled with for most of my life.

I experienced very clear hallucinations and felt so lucid and alert that it cannot compare at all with other substances I’ve taken. I was directly connected with my true self, the calm abiding witness, the very presence of the ibogaine itself.

I endured the most incredibly hellish visions I’ve ever seen, and relived some very painful memories, but there was no stress, fear, doubt, or judgment. I was able to sit in the deepest pits of despair without being touched by it, and was eventually able to merge with a bright ocean of eternal light.

My thoughts are still here, but they are so light they float away — they no longer define me or dictate how I feel. For the last week I have had no symptoms of depression or anxiety. Nothing externally in my life has changed, yet there is no more stress or self-doubt.

I highly recommend an ibogaine flood to anyone looking for a paradigm-shifting inner psycho-spiritual experience, or for help with depression and/or anxiety. I attribute the success of my trip to months of preparation and a serious commitment to letting go of all control in order to meet the truth.