Fighting Drug War Tyranny

America can end its war on drugs. Here's how.

I have no doubt that the occasional use of criminalized plants, including psychedelics, would improve my life, make me a better person, help me enjoy nature and art, and encourage me to help others. It would also entirely obviate my need to become an eternal patient, to visit a psychiatrist every three months, and I would no longer need to use their expensive and addictive drugs for my entire lifetime, as they now insist.

But if I act on this knowledge, guess what happens? The U.S. government claims the right to lock me in prison, throw away the key, and even confiscate all my personal property. In other words, I’d be better off murdering someone than to ingest the substances of my choice.

Before you start thinking “Serves you right,” guess what, my friend? You yourself could have YOUR house confiscated too if, unbeknownst to you, I happened to carry some of my “illegal substances” into YOUR house. According to the fascist drug war legal theory, your house is now a criminal. That’s the way the drug war works: It “gets tough” on Americans and the Constitution be damned.

Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

This is outright tyranny. It’s a tyranny that will remain in force until Americans take back their right to consume the natural substances of their choice, a right that they had until the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914. It’s a tyranny that will remain until freedom-loving people claw back their right to the freely offered medical bounty of Mother Nature — for the pharmacopeia of Mother Nature is my birthright as a citizen of planet Earth and cannot be justly taken from me by any government — least of all one whose very constitution gives me the right to the pursuit of happiness.

What you can do to end the war on drugs:

Write your representatives and demand:

  1. An end to the Drug War.
  2. The abolition of the DEA.
  3. The decriminalization of all drugs.
  4. The trial of top-ranking DEA officials who have impeded drug therapy for 40+ years now by lying about drug effects in their politically motivated “scheduling” system.
  5. The end of “drug schedules,” especially those that are created by an agency like the DEA, which has a vested interest in maintaining Draconian drug laws.
  6. Boycott Hollywood movies and TV dramas that glorify the trampling of the U.S. Constitution in the name of the Drug War.

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