New to Growing? Do It The Easy Way With Autoflowering Seeds

To show you what this type of cannabis has to offer, we’ve checked out the Top 10 Autoflowering Seed List over at KillaBeez.

Not only are autoflowering seeds easier, they’re way faster too. And you won’t need a fully built-out grow room to try them. A few pots, some soil, a couple lights if you’re growing indoors, and some good nutrients – that’s it.

If nothing else, it’ll give you some home-grown weed while you figure out what you’re doing. But, many very experienced growers still use autoflowering seeds. They can mix some in with their photoperiod seeds to enjoy an early harvest while waiting for the slower plants to do their thing, and it allows them to produce some smokeable herb by early to midsummer while all their buddies are still waiting for an autumn harvest.

To show you what this type of cannabis has to offer, we’ve checked out the Top 10 Autoflowering Seed List over at KillaBeez. We’ll share a preview of what they have to say. If you like it, slip on over to their blog and read the rest.

1. Incredible Bulk Auto By Dr Krippling

If you’re going to grow, grow big! That’s what we always say. Dr Krippling automated their signature strain to create Incredible Bulk Auto, a bigger-than-average AutoFem that’s capable of producing mass quantities of high-quality weed in only 55-70 days. Best of all, these are resinous buds worthy of extraction with a mild, pleasant taste that oozes with a mild, hashy flavour. The high is a solid Indica stone.

2. Blackberry Auto by Fast Buds

Maturing to a deep, dark purple in just 8 weeks from seed, Blackberry Auto looks as good as her sweet berry flavour tastes. She’s also won first place at Oregon’s Best Autoflower contest. THC reaches 23% and, because of the Indica-dominant genetics, the stone is very strong and long-lasting, locking many to the couch for hours.

3. Auto Pineapple Crack by Top Shelf Elite

This is the infamous Green Crack’s successor as one of the most coveted strains on the planet. Auto Pineapple Crack is an unheard-of 60-day Sativa with a wide range of fruit flavors in addition to the primary pineapple taste. The high is very strong – too strong for some of those who rarely imbibe.

4. Narco Purps Auto by Cream of the Crop

Narco Purps Auto is very strong too, but she leans Indica instead of Sativa for forceful sedation. By the time her required 60 days winds down, the buds will be big, swollen with resin and colored a bright, glittery purple. THC measures in at 16% on average. This strain also has a high resistance to mold and many pests for a trouble-free grow.

5. CBD Lemon Potion Auto by Barney’s Farm

High-CBD cannabis is the gold standard of medical marijuana, but it’s just starting to be available as a stable autoflowering seed. That’s why CBD Lemon Potion Auto is such a find. This candied-lemon flavoured autoflowering seed finishes quickly, delivering tasty flowers fueled by a full 15% CBD and a mere 7.5% THC. That makes a good smoke for the MMJ set as well as the infrequent recreational smoker.

6. Wedding Cheesecake Auto By Fast Buds

With Wedding Cheesecake Auto, bred by Fast Buds, you get premium American genetics from the West Coast’s Girl Scout Cookies and British DNA from the UK’s own Cheese, all brought to you via Amsterdam. Only the Dutch could meld this masterpiece giving you a super-productive 9-weeker capable of delivering an impressive 600 gr/m2 of grade-A buds indoors.

The THC is equally impressive reaching 24% for most, but the high is what these autoflowering seeds are all about. It’s somewhat sensual with a long-lasting, contemplative head buzz and a warm, comfortable stone that’ll make you tingle in all the right places. Wedding Cheesecake Auto smells like sweet cream mixed with concentrated vanilla.

7. Auto Afghan Mass XXL By 00 Seeds

In this case, XXL doesn’t mean Auto Afghan Mass XXL will be exceptionally tall; instead, it means the yields will be exceptionally massive. Capable of producing an outstanding 550 gr/m2 inside, and sometimes more, this classic 00 Seeds autofem outdoes herself. Heights rarely exceed 1 meter.

To create this vintage strain with the modern twist, 00 Seeds crossed their won Afghan Mass with the fastest, most productive Critical Mass Auto they could find. Both parents are world-famous for their high yields. Auto Afghan Mass XXL offers incredible potency as well with THC that reaches or exceeds 17% virtually every time. Genetics are nearly pure Indica for a strong, physically relaxing stone that helps some with both body and mental pain.

8. Lemon Juice Express Auto By Humboldt Seeds

As part of California’s Emerald Triangle, Humboldt County’s claim to fame is extraordinary cannabis genetics. Although they borrowed from Amsterdam’s breeding pool this time, this Jack Herer Auto X Original Haze cross does not disappoint, creating a 65-day Sativa with a strong, long-lasting head high that’s euphoric but not anxiety prone.

The flavour offers no surprised with a candied-citrus taste that blends concentrated sugar, honey and lemon notes that linger on the palate long after the exhale. Potency is mid-range at 13% THC so Lemon Juice Express Auto is perfect for wake-and-bake as well as new or infrequent smokers. It’ll lift your mind and soothe your soul but this autoflowering strain will never lock you to the couch.

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