I Over Dosed my Microdose and experienced a Kundalini Awakening

A psychedelic awakening.

It was my step-dads 60th and the Full Moon was high in the sky before the sun even had time to set. I was making some homemade chocolate in my kitchen and infusing it with some Peruvian mushrooms (the magic kind).

As the cholates set, I hopped on Instagram to check what messages were awaiting me. One message really called out; it was from a follower that was selling infused cholates (serendipity, I thought). He mentioned that a popular post I share on microdosing could use an update.

The post suggests a microdose of .25g (250mg) boosts mood and helps you stay present. The truth is a microdose can be anything under .25g and for each person the dose and effects may be different. It’s actually recommended to start with .05g (50mg) and work your way up to your personal “bliss point”.

In reality, I have scales but don’t use them. I didn’t even think it was relevant to share all the details on Instagram when I created the post. Maybe it’s because of this humbling message, or the consideration of overdosing a microdose but when I ate my heart-shaped, mushroom infused, chocolate, I overdosed.

I felt the yawns, the tiredness and desire for fresh air. I felt the nausea and desperation for a comfortable place to lye. To be honest, I didn’t even know what was going on. Thankfully I honored what my body was saying and relaxed on my neatly made bed. It was probably about 20min later that I realized “oh, I am high – this is what an overdosed microdose is”, following this epiphany I was able to surrender and allow the mushrooms to guide me through an inevitable & humbling experience.   

I hopped out of bed and got out my yoga mat, this is thankfully a ritual that has become automatic when using mushrooms at any dose. I started practicing kundalini yoga when I first made the commitment to my health and happiness in 2014. I came across a DVD set by Maya Finnes, I didn’t know her… didn’t know anything about the chakras or kundalini, but I was all in.

There were 7 DVD’s – one for each chakra / day of the week. When I quit alcohol and smoking cigarettes in 2015, I thought it best to double up. I was practicing one hour of kundalini yoga in the morning, and one hour before bed. I experienced a kundalini awakening during this time, it was this natural release of DMT from my lungs and pineal gland… the relaxation after strenuous fitness both mentally and physically… the perfect meditation where not one thought is even relevant to the divine loving energy moving though my entire body.

I didn’t know when I hopped on my yoga mat this day that I was going to have a breakthrough. My only intention when dosing was to enjoy love filled chocolates with my step-dad on his 60th birthday, then journal under the moonlight until I was ready for “Dream Time”.

I was happy to be alone, in my own private space because once I began my yoga practice, I was in it. I was in flow; I was releasing toxins and going really deep into my breath / body. I felt it right then, the integration was happening. That moment when everything becomes one, when a fierce energy begins rising from the seat of my soul, healing and strengthening through the spine… The moment when breath and blood generate heat creating alchemy inside my only real home – my body.

I remember being on all fours, with my tongue out as far at it could reach, practicing “lion’s breath” when the real magic began. Laughter! Truly, the best medicine. I had pushed through any hell, blockages and fears… I was reborn, with renewed energy and sense of freedom. I was liberated.

I met up with my step-dad for cannabis session a couple hours later, we were both quite looking outside. I remember thinking as I looked out that “I am free”. I knew in that moment that life wouldn’t be the same – my attitude had changed; my body was in homeostasis. I felt so good I went out and watched the waves down at the lake when the sun finally did set for the night.

Kundalini is a sacred energy, it’s this serpent energy said to lye coiled at the base of the spine seven times. It’s the space between each coil that the chakra energy is trapped. It’s only when we let the kundalini rise that the chakras open and we begin to heal and unlock inner wisdom. The Caduceus symbol is still seen today in most doctor offices and hospitals around the world, symbolizing alchemy.

When we keep that kundalini energy stagnant; sitting around, eating food-like products, consuming media and drifting through life (see Napoleon Hill’s book “Outwitting the Devil” to read up on the drifter), we lose our life force energy. When we resist growth and put off introspective work, we force the kundalini energy down, and as we force, we get hurt.

Kundalini bites hard, wounding you on the way down, allowing toxins to enter your blood and hormonal glands. This means even more work and healing will need to be done when you’re ready to heal yourself and work with this energy again. It’s not your fault if you keep repeating pattens, if you’re not living your full potential yet. We’ve been conditioned that this stuff is witchcraft, that Enki (the snake from the garden of Edan stories) was bad. That eating from the tree of knowledge is bad and that every human must now suffer at the hands of Eve and Enki the serpent, devil snake.

…but what if Enki was just an expression for kundalini energy, what if the planet was Edan, what if Eve actually saved us all by allowing us the opportunity to tap into the divine. After all, in genesis it was written that, human was forbidden to eat the fruit of god, for they would become just like us.

From my direct experience Kundalini awakening is much easier and mediation is much quicker to achieve with a little help from psychedelic medicine. Doing some hot / cold therapy, practicing breathwork and mantras are all great ways to naturally enhance the experience too. 

The last take away that I think you may find relevant, since were still on COVID-19 Lockdown, is to Allow! A really clear message came through that it’s time to allow healing, allow others in, allow your inner child, allow fun, allow laughter, allow “let go”, allow relaxation… Allow… You see what’s awesome about both psychedelics and kundalini is, they both teach us that we don’t get by force, we receive when we realize that what we want to attract has always been there, everything we need is inside of us – we just have to open up and allow it all to flow!

I am so happy and grateful for you being a part of this psychedelic revolution and Sociedelic for allowing me this space to share with you. As always, I am sending you much love & positivity on your Elemental Growth journey. 

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